"I will remember the impressions I gained for my entire life"

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Peter has been an employee at Roche in Grenzach for 24 years and was one of the first who have participated in the new job shadowing program.

How was the job shadowing conducted?

Peter: I went through job shadowing at the Fulda clinic in the pneumology department and in the morning I first reported to the secretary's office tongue in cheek with "I'm the new guy", and this immediately broke the ice. Equipped with a white coat I was first able to accompany the senior physician and the ward physician on their rounds - they respectively introduced me to the patients as “trainee” and briefly explained the individual cases to me beforehand. Initially the direct patient contact was unfamiliar and much more emotional than I was used to in my usual working environment. I joined the interactions as "participating observer” through gestures, and this proceeded quite naturally and was not unpleasant for me in any situation. All the physicians looking after me were very open and were also very empathic towards the patients.

How did you personally benefit from the job shadowing?

Peter: The job shadowing had a very enduring effect, because our guiding idea at Roche "Doing now what patients need next" acquired a very tangible meaning for me, and I can now fill this with my own experience. The pride that I take towards my work and my motivation for the job has become much more sustainable. I would even go as far as to compare the job shadowing with the birth of my first child - just as this important event gave me the meaning for my life, through the direct involvement in the fate of the patients the job shadowing emotionalised and strengthened my view towards the daily work, and I will never forget the impressions that I gained. I am very happy that I was given this opportunity.

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