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Meet Tim Neuendorf

Tim Neuendorf is 31 years old and started his career at Roche in 2008 as a dual student in information technology. Since July 2018 he has been project manager and responsible for our complex full automation projects in Germany.

You started as a dual student at Roche. Can you explain to us how you developed to your current position?

When I moved to Mannheim in 2008, I actually planned on specializing in information or network technology and working in a large IT company. But the dual study program at Roche gave me much more opportunities: I got to know the professional life and Roche's diverse areas of responsibility, including global IT in Switzerland. While working in sales, I got to know our laboratory information system through a virtualization project and was determined to develop further in this area. Because in addition to technical IT solutions the added value we generate for our patients is clearly recognizable.

After completing my studies I was responsible for the systems of our German and later our DACH customers, both in the office and in the field. As a technical product manager and trainer for our IT middleware I was able to take on more responsibility and supported our complex full automation projects.

In the meantime, I accompany our complex large-scale projects in Germany as a project manager.

In a few weeks my first own fully automated project will go into routine at the medical centre of the Technical University of Munich.

What are the most exciting aspects of your work?

As project manager I do not only plan the projects from the beginning, but also support them until the routine start and beyond. The feeling of having mastered such a complex project as a team, of seeing our end-product and of finally experiencing satisfied customers makes me very proud. I really enjoy going through ups and downs, but always finding solutions that are satisfactory for everyone. For the customer, but also for our own team.

I am still most impressed by the extraordinary colleagues we have in the field. Despite the high demands, I always experience friendly, open-minded and enthusiastic colleagues who constantly bring new ideas and incredible expertise with them, but above all enjoy their work.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Actually I was supposed to support my first and current project in Munich as co-project manager. Due to the large number of new, complex projects, it became my own project at an early stage. Both my supervisor and the entire project team were really supportive, so I could not wait to take responsibility for it and to carry it fully. In my opinion, this illustrates how much trust is placed in you and even if mistakes are made, they are supported by all those involved.

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