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“I have my team’s back”

I have been at Roche in Mannheim for 7 years and was allowed to take responsibility for my development projects myself right from the start. And then, as a highlight, the organisation of the helicopter flight. It is so great to see what I can achieve together with my team.

My first contact with Roche in Mannheim was in 2014, when I was still studying biomedical engineering. In 2015, I started working there as an external employee and after two years, an internal position as a functional project lead became available and I was hired permanently. Currently, I am working as a group leader for a point of care test in R&D in Mannheim and am allowed to accompany the entire development. There are new and very different challenges in every development phase of the project. You don't learn how to tackle these in lectures, but only on site. There are a few routine tasks, but usually no day is like the next. Like the helicopter flight to test our product at high altitudes: that was something completely new for us. None of us had ever flown in a helicopter and we had to do a lot of preparation. I took care of the organisation, which meant making arrangements with the airport, the pilots and the detailed planning. This way I could keep my team free for the preparation of the actual test series. 

On the day of the flight, we were all very excited. Two of my team members flew to an altitude of 4300 m for the test. That is about as high as the Matterhorn. From below, we could observe the whole event via the flight radar. For my colleagues in the lab, I set up a live stream on my mobile phone so that they could also be there. The measurements themselves then only took twenty minutes and we were able to generate all the data we needed. It was so much fun, especially with the positive feedback and helpful support from the Swiss Air Rescue, the airport management and in particular working with my team. We were able to motivate each other and took on this crazy task. This close cooperation and that we can accomplish so many things together is what I like so much about my job. I am super proud of my team.
When the time comes, I'm looking forward to being able to look after the product that I've known since the beginning of development as the product responsible person for the test. It is a very special and fulfilling feeling to be part of the project from the very beginning. 

Finally, I would like everyone to take along with them: My tasks and my team are so broadly based, both professionally and technically, so just apply, even if a job description doesn't fit. Because who knows what you get to experience.

Our Impact

We were able to generate unique data with the helicopter flight, which everyone needs for further work steps.


The place to work

No day is like the next. I never thought I would organise a helicopter flight for my work.


Our Culture

I am surprised what we can achieve together as a team and how much we can learn from each other. And sometimes a crazy idea like this is just the right one.


Our Workplace

It's such a nice and fulfilling feeling to accompany a product from start to finish. I am so happy to be part of this project.

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