"I can help people live better and longer."

Roland March (33 years old) started his training as a chemical technician at Roche in Penzberg in 2004. Today he is responsible for a pharmaceutical production area as a shift leader. In the interview, he explains what makes work in production so varied, why even career changers have good opportunities at Roche, and what it means to him to produce novel medicines so that patients around the world live better and longer.

Roland, how can the process in pharmaceutical production be imagined?

As a team, we are responsible for the entire production process of a drug - from the preparation of the plant, through the various production steps, to post-production. In our company, an employee's area of responsibility is not limited to a single production step, we change our tasks regularly; this means a lot of teamwork and makes the work very varied.

What do you see as special about Roche's corporate culture?

We treat each other with respect and openness. This makes working together as a team very pleasant and offers many opportunities for development. You can develop in production, but also in different departments or even in other areas of the company. What counts for us is not only professional qualifications, but also interest in the task, accuracy, teamwork and personality. Our culture also ensures that we have more and more career changers, such as car mechanics or food technicians, who do a great job and pursue their career with us.

Does it matter to you that you produce medicines and not consumer goods?

Yes, definitely. When I think that with our work we are making a contribution that patients all over the world can live longer or even be cured, it makes me really proud. Sometimes former patients visit us at the site to thank us - these are special moments. Which has also touched me very much personally: When my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, he was treated with a drug that came from our production. Such a thing is very motivating!

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