Wellbeing at Roche: Healthy and fit even in a virtual setting

The lockdown period illustrates how challenging it can be to keep body and mind in balance when working virtually. Examples from various sites show how our employees keep fit and what helpful tips they have.

As part of its occupational health management, Roche supports employees with a range of offers that help them stay fit and healthy. At the Penzberg site, for example, an online portal offers excellent training opportunities. The course schedule includes short training sessions such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), yoga and back classes, as well as classic courses such as abdominal-leg butt training.

"To be able to start the day focused and mindful together with colleagues in the morning, guided, digital mindfulness meditation and yoga exercises are just the thing!" reports Marie-Luise Stallecker, the company health coordinator for the Mannheim and Penzberg sites. "The whole thing is supplemented by in-depth workshops, seminars and lived moments of mindfulness, for example in team meetings."

Moving more doesn't necessarily mean doing competitive sports, but also just not using the elevator or the car for a change!
Oliver Koerner, Teamlead Roche Event Services

Staying fit in the mobile work environment

Back-to-back virtual meetings and long periods of sitting are often part of the current work situation: "To prevent lack of exercise and health complaints, it helps to integrate as many exercise routines as possible into the digital workday," says Oliver Koerner. The sports enthusiast team leader at Roche Pharma AG leads in-house fitness courses, which have also been offered virtually since the pandemic. "Together, we no longer train on site in Grenzach in southern Baden, but each in our own living room, or wherever there is space. Our sports group has grown in the meantime, as some colleagues also take their family members to our virtual sports sessions."

Joint sports sessions strengthen the sense of community

The joint sports sessions with colleagues provide fun and variety - and at the same time help to get the day off to a good start. The exchange between the individual exercises intensifies the sense of community and makes it possible to stay up to date outside of professional topics and, in the time with fewer social contacts, to continue to maintain them virtually.

In the mood for some mindfulness exercises and tips and tricks? Check out the "Health" section of our Instagram channel under Highlights for some info and a mindfulness exercise to try!

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