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The Industrial Mechanic: future-oriented and personalized

Automation in the specialist areas at Roche is growing and growing. More and more mechanical components are being replaced by electrical components - and of course this also has an impact on our apprenticeships! Today, we focus on the apprenticeship as industrial mechanic, whose requirements at the Hightech Campus Mannheim are becoming more and more multifaceted.

The classic image of the industrial mechanic, who is still often compared to the "locksmith" of the past, is no longer up to date. Especially not at our Hightech Campus in Mannheim. The familiar content such as turning, milling and welding has remained. But things have changed: Since the hiring year 2018, our industrial mechanics have been completing the additional qualification "Electrician for Specified Activities" during their apprenticeship. During this qualification, the apprentices have an additional day of vocational school to learn in-depth knowledge in the field of electrical engineering. After passing the examination, the industrial mechanics are authorized to carry out electrically specified activities under their own specialist responsibility. This is a first step towards future-oriented training.

In recent years, we have also greatly expanded in-house instruction in combination with practical exercises on the electrotechnical side as a result of personalized apprenticeship. For example, the apprentices learn the basics of PLC programming. The subject area of robotics and sensor technology must also not be missing in today's world and is part of the training course.

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It is important to us in the technical training at the Mannheim site that the technical apprentices are well prepared for the rapid industrial change in a future-oriented manner. Be it in production, packaging or the central workshop. In this way, our apprentices do their part to ensure that everyone who needs our products has them at their disposal.
Florian Reinhard, trainer for industrial mechanics

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