Formerly Space, now Roche

Britta Moser is a trained telecommunications technician and has already sent satellites into space. Today, she is a group leader and responsible for document management at Roche in Penzberg. In her free time she likes to use the surrounding area for cycling and kayaking.

Britta's space shuttle mission

As a child Britta always wanted to be a carpenter. However, as this used to be rather unusual for girls, she decided to train as a telecommunications craftswoman with a telecommunications company and also completed an engineer-like dual training course in satellite radio. Together with her team of engineers, she ensured the monitoring of various satellites at the Raisting Earth Station in Upper Bavaria. Her absolute highlight: she was allowed to participate in a space shuttle mission in cooperation with the NASA. "Astronauts were assigned to take a satellite on board into space, which was then launched with my help. I myself sat at the switchboard and was allowed to give the command to detach. It was one of the most exciting moments in my professional life," Britta says proudly.

Penzberg - a fascinating location

After her parental leave Britta decided to return to work and start her career at Roche in Penzberg. How did she get there? Through the recommendation of friends and acquaintances. "If you live here in Penzberg, everyone knows someone who works at Roche," says Britta. For her, the Roche site in the Greater Munich area is fascinating: "You drive through the woods, think nothing is coming and then suddenly you're standing in front of a huge pharmaceutical company." Britta likes to rave about the location and the landscape. She goes out the door and can walk directly along the Ammer river. If she wants to go cycling or kayaking, she can start from the front door.

High standards through the construction of a new unit

But not only Penzberg and its surroundings are fantastic for Britta. She also really enjoys her work at Roche. In the Technical Documentation department, she has been in charge of document management as a group leader for many years. She recently set up a new unit for technical operational documentation. Together with her team, she works closely with various departments, such as Engineering or Quality Management. When setting up any production plant, this documentation is needed to enable qualified commissioning and later maintenance of the plants. Britta and her team ensure that everything is professionally documented from the installation of the plant to its scrapping. During the next maintenance the technician has access to all details about the plant and inspectors get the plant specific information.

I like to think back to my time at the Raisting Earth Station. Sending the satellite into space was a very exciting experience that I will never forget. Today I'm glad that I joined Roche after my parental leave because the company gave me great opportunities for development and always encouraged me.

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