Even more space for many children


In July 2018 the company-own day-care centre "ideenReich", costing 3.3 million euros, was inaugurated by Roche in Grenzach. With the extension the day-care centre offers care places for up to 65 children with flexible opening hours and only few closed days. The first construction of the day-care centre in 2012 was a complete success and was well accepted by the employees. But it quickly became clear that more space would be needed than was initially able to be offered.

"The day-care centre burst at the seams and even a music room had to be temporarily given a new function," explains Head of Human Resources Carolina Martínez Echeverría.  Thanks to the extension by roughly 1,000 m² area now a care place is available for a further 22 children. Many employees at the company Roche Pharma AG are between the end of their 20s and the beginning of their 40s. The day-care centre "ideenReich" ensures them the flexibility of also being able to work full-time with children. With the Dieter-Kaltenbach foundation from Lörrach as competent partner in the care provisioning team children from six months of age find a place.

The new construction has a simple design:  Fair-faced concrete with wooden ceilings, parquet flooring and a lot of glass. Everything is designed with a view to energy efficiency and sustainability. The central foyer of the day-care centre can additionally be used as multifunctional room, theatre stage and weather-independent playing, music and movement room. The extension of the day-care centre is however only one of many future-oriented projects at the location that Roche has in mind over the forthcoming years – always with the objective of promoting the satisfaction and the well-being of the employees.

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