Employee welfare and diversity as drivers for innovation and success

With various concepts such as flexible working hours, childcare options or comprehensive health management, Roche is committed to providing a working environment in which employees feel comfortable. This environment also includes equal opportunities and gender equality - for Roche not only a basic right but also a matter of course. What do we offer our employees? Find out more!

At Roche, the focus is on the approximately 16,700 employees at five sites. With their commitment and dedication, they are the driving force for innovation - with the aim of making a difference for the benefit of patients. That's why we want to provide our employees with a working environment in which they feel comfortable and feel at home - with concepts that help them balance their professional and private lives. Flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home on the move make this possible. Flexible working and trustworthy working hours are keywords that are no longer to be missed in the modern working world and which are also highly appreciated by employees with children.

Focus on employee health

The well-being of every human being is also linked to his or her state of health. Therefore, comprehensive corportate health management to promote health and fitness is very important to Roche.

As a major healthcare company, the health and well-being of our employees is very important to us. As a company, we strive to improve the lives of patients, so we naturally start with our employees.
Andreas Schmitz, Managing Director Human Resources of Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Among other things, employees in Mannheim and Penzberg have access to an in-house fitness studio with professional instruction and courses, as well as over 20 company sports groups. Whether badminton, volleyball, soccer, dancing or swimming - they can choose from a wide range of offers.

Diversity and equality as a motor for innovation

However, it is not only the well-being and commitment of employees that drives innovation and progress, but also "diversity within the workforce promotes innovation," says Andreas Schmitz. "The diverse talents, the different points of view and ways of thinking but also the different experiences and perspectives contribute to the creativity which is essential for Roche as an innovative company." Heterogeneous teams can adapt better and faster and each individual team member adds value to the performance of the company.

Diverse teams in an inclusive work environment are a driver of innovation. However, for Roche, this diversity also includes equality of opportunity and equal treatment of men and women in all areas of the company, because equal opportunity is not only a fundamental right, but also an enrichment for society and the company - and for Roche it goes without saying! This is why the proportion of women and men in the workforce is almost identical - and we are proud of this diversity!

But Roche is not yet satisfied with this, because one of the Roche Group's ten annual goals is to achieve even more diversity at the management level to reflect the diverse workforce, and thus also to increase the number of women in management positions. But this is not just about setting goals, it is about finding ways to achieve them and promoting equal opportunities. One concept developed for this purpose is the Women Leaders Lab for Mannheim and Penzberg: a development center for female leadership talents with which we want to support even more women in leadership positions! There, for example, our employees try out together in workshops how to deal with the challenges of gender stereotypes in order to be successful in the working world. In addition, major events question traditional roles by showing men the advantages of more family responsibility and women the advantage of more financial independence.


Precisely because employee well-being and equality are an integral part of Roche's corporate culture and a central concern, we are all the more pleased that Roche was named one of the most attractive employers in two studies: In a study conducted by WELT in cooperation with the Cologne-based Analyse-Institut Service GmbH, Roche was named one of the most attractive employers in Germany in 2020 in the industrial sector. In the study, more than 820,000 citizens were questioned about a total of 4,009 companies. The companies were evaluated in terms of their image and attractiveness as employers.

And the magazine BRIGITTE named Roche one of the best employers for women in Germany 2020 - with five out of five stars! The categories evaluated were "Measures to reconcile work and family life", "Flexibility of work", "Career advancement measures", "Importance of transparency and equality" and "Women's power".

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