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Ease stress - Health management at Roche

The e-mail inbox is full, the next appointment is already waiting and unwanted disturbances are often pre-programmed in the home office. There is hardly any time to take a deep breath and so relaxation quickly becomes an additional stress factor. In order to be able to consciously take breaks and to facilitate the balance between work and everyday life, Roche supports its employees in the current situation to make their own work-life balance more effective.

Mindfulness and why it is so important

Mindfulness seems to be a difficult concept to grasp, but basically means to consciously perceive the moment and not to evaluate it. This means not multitasking and not immediately classifying whether something was good or bad. As absurd as it may sound, relaxation and focusing should be approached consciously and require active planning. This can be trained - for example, in the context of guided mindfulness meditations offered by an employee for her colleagues. Mindfulness can help not only to regain strength during breaks, but also to maintain this calm in stressful situations.

This is particularly important in the current situation, says Marie-Luise, the company health coordinator for the Mannheim and Penzberg sites. "In addition, there are sometimes childcare problems and the unfamiliar work situation. For many of them, this means a psychological strain. This is where company health management has to take action, just as it does when it comes to preventing physical complaints. Many employees use the mindfulness meditation sessions to start the day together with their colleagues."

With the right health management for active relaxation

As different as stress is perceived, as varied can be the means against it. In order to better meet the individual needs of employees, Roche is expanding its health management services. In addition to extended consultation hours of the company social counseling service, the company also offers podcasts, lectures and online seminars to help employees find their own way to more attentiveness. Especially in the complex, agile and modern world, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain a calm mind despite many different impressions and stress factors.

roche, germany, careers, people, blog
For me, the mindfulness exercises create the necessary mental balance, while yoga provides physical balance and helps against the lack of movement in the home office.
Stefanie, HR employee at Roche in Mannheim

Would you like some mindfulness exercises and tips and tricks? On our Instagram channel under the highlights you can find some information and a mindfulness exercise to try out in the "Health" section!

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