"Contributing to the health of people around the world - especially in these times, it's a great feeling!"

Ralf Herrmann (37) works as a chemical technician in the production of diagnostic tests at Roche in Penzberg and is currently completing his degree in chemical engineering while working. In the interview, he tells what he appreciates about the team culture at Roche, how he can contribute to better patient care with his work and why a good chemical technician at Roche can become just about anything.

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What makes the work as a chemical technician at Roche special for you?

At our chemical feedstock production, the largest purely chemistry-focused area at Roche, we are about 250 colleagues. We have a very strong team culture in which everyone - including the bosses - treats each other as equals. When I joined the team, everyone took a lot of time for me and my questions, and I felt like an equal team member from the very beginning. I know from my previous professional positions that this is not something that can be taken for granted. In addition to the respectful human interaction, I also appreciate the professional exchange across the teams. You can really sense everyone's motivation to develop together and learn something new every day.

What do you find special about working in diagnostics?

We are involved in the creation of diagnostic tests that help diseases to be better detected and patients to receive the right treatment more quickly. Especially in these times, you realize even more clearly that health is the most important thing we have. During my first apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic, I dreamed of a career in the automotive industry. But today I can say that it is a huge motivation for me to make a contribution with my work every day so that patients get better and have the chance to live longer, healthier lives - that makes me incredibly proud!

You are currently continuing your education to become a chemical technician ...

The topic of further development is very important to us. Each individual in the team is challenged and encouraged. We have individual development plans that show you where you could be in ten years. And some jobs are even adapted to the strengths and interests of the employees. Personally, the further training as a chemical technician appealed to me, among other things, because I work here in a very highly qualified environment and have experienced what you can achieve as a good chemical technician or skilled worker at Roche. Also many of my colleagues have started further education and I find it great to see how this is supported by the company and made possible beyond the job. In addition to the employees with a classic scientific education, we also have some career changers in the team. They also have the opportunity to go their way at Roche - like me with my background as a trained automotive mechanic. If you have the necessary motivation and stick with it, you can become almost anything at Roche.

You have completed a scientific education, e.g. as a chemical laboratory technician, chemical technician, CTA, BTA, PTA, MTLA, food technician or skilled worker in chemistry and want to contribute to patients living better and longer worldwide? Then apply now and become part of our Diagnostics Operations team.

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