Climate-friendly mobility: Roche is making its mark as a sustainable company

Roche makes use of various approaches to sustainable mobility – with salary conversions for bicycles and car sharing within the company.

At Roche, sustainability is not the responsibility of just one department, because as many employees as possible should act sustainably. There are also different approaches in the area of mobility. Jochen Klein, Site Manager of Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach, South Baden: “In addition to car sharing with e-cars, we also offer our employees company and site bicycles. Our goal for future-oriented Mobility Management is to reduce environmental pollution, promote health and increase road safety.”

Great Mobility Offers

Two charging points for currently three e-cars have been set up for car sharing in Grenzach. Certified green electricity from the Wyhlen hydroelectric power station can be used around the clock at the charging points. The e-cars can be charged in around two hours, and one charge is enough for a journey of 250 to 300 kilometers. In addition, a small portion of the price of electricity is invested in renewable power plants. As a result, no CO2 is produced while driving. Other mobility offers at the site include 15 site bicycles (e-bikes), which can be used for short business trips, for the journey from the boarding house to the site and for the quick trip during lunch breaks.

Bicycle Leasing

In the Grenzach portfolio there is also the company bicycle leasing by “Jobrad”. JobRad offers users the additional attractive service of leasing up to two bicycles from all performance classes at the best conditions. Payment is made as a leasing installment through monthly payroll accounting over a period of 36 months and is subsidized by Roche. The bicycles may, of course, also be used in your free time. Since 2019, 120 e-bikes and 32 non-powered bicycles are already in use.

Making a Sustainable Contribution

Mobility Manager Petra Michels believes in the personal responsibility of employees when it comes to sustainability. “Sustainability begins with each and every one of us, because only I myself know what my situation is like and what I am already willing to do to improve sustainability. In any case, I see the advantages for the decision to come by bicycle in fitness and in the fact that even with the “little things” we can make a big contribution towards sustainability. The bicycle allows us to achieve personal well-being. We can ride it comfortably on the premises and at the same time contribute to stress relief on the roads and in the parking lot while reducing CO2 emissions.”

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