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Digital Innovation at Roche: Chatbot FINN

With Chatbot FINN, Roche is also breaking new ground in internal processes, making travel expense accounting child's play. 

Innovation has always been one of the most important components of our corporate culture. And what applies to research and development naturally also applies to all other areas of work at Roche: breaking new ground and looking at problems from different angles. This is particularly true of the many opportunities offered by digital change. 

The latest proof of this is a development in the area of finance in cooperation with IT colleagues at the Mannheim location. They have created the digital assistant FINN. 
FINN is a chatbot, a software robot that interacts with its human counterpart via chat function. The colleagues in Mannheim, Penzberg and Waiblingen can now contact him for questions about their travel expense accounting. FINN is supposed to be a support for its human colleagues in Finance, especially for simple, frequently asked questions. Thanks to FINN's help, they will then have more time to devote to more complex questions and projects. The big advantage for users is that FINN can be reached immediately at any time.

roche, careers, germany, blog, chatbot

A computer program that handles the entire travel expense report or conducts in-depth discussions? Admittedly, we are not that far yet. "It is not even possible with the technology currently available," explains bot expert Manuel Herzog from Roche IT. "Bots are not yet self-learning. Artificial intelligence currently consists of understanding the questions entered as well as possible," says Manuel. 

That's why FINN also shares Roche's fundamental philosophy: lifelong learning is the key. FINN continues to learn new answers from its human colleagues. And the employees in Finance are already working on and trying out the next (digital) innovations.
In the future, for example, it is planned that FINN will learn to interact with other systems and answer the questions it is asked via voice integration on the telephone. 

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