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Careers at Roche – Your chance to get started

High school diploma in your pocket and now what? Gain practical experience during your studies? No idea what to do next? At Roche, we offer you the opportunity to gain experience, to learn and to develop yourself. Our HR expert Sabina Dick explains exactly how you can get started at Roche. 

germany, roche, careers, people

Sabina, how did you get started at Roche?

I started as an administrative assistant in the Roche HR department in 1986. Since then I have held various positions with different tasks at Roche and have been in Recruiting for ten years – currently for the recruitment of students for internships, those writing their theses, working students, trainees and volunteers.

Then you are certainly well informed – can you explain what career opportunities Roche offers young people after school, after university or during their studies?

Depending on your current situation, Roche offers diverse opportunities. These range from post-secondary education, internships, thesis work during your studies, to volunteer work or the postgraduate trainee program.  

There are many benefits for newcomers at Roche. These include reduced meal prices for students, informal get-togethers, sports activities, various events and fair payment. As a newcomer to Roche, you gain valuable practical experience and gain insights into the exciting topics of a healthcare company. You also have the opportunity to network with others and make other contacts – which are always important for your future career – including in an international environment.

Your start at Roche

Are you interested in a career, diversity and development? Here you will find an overview of the opportunities available to young professionals at Roche: 

Getting started while in school:

Getting started after school:

Getting started during your studies: 

Postgraduate Start:

There are many great opportunities for career starters at Roche – seize the chance and apply for a job with us!

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