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Career springboard internship

Anika Hünenberger (26) first studied sociology and media science in her Bachelor's degree and now digital humanities and media science in her Master's degree at the University of Basel. During her bachelor's studies she completed a voluntary internship at Roche Pharma AG in Grenzach. She now works there as a working student.

Pharmaceutical companies - also for humanities scholars

At Roche I felt like a full team member from the very beginning. I was given a lot of trust, which cannot be taken for granted in an internship. It was important for me to gain practical experience in addition to the many theoretical contents from the university. An internship at Roche was ideal - especially because of the many different departments, the development opportunities it offers and the proximity to my home town.

Even though humanities scholars and social scientists may not think of a pharmaceutical company for an internship or job, there are by no means only jobs for natural scientists. Sales, marketing, communication or employer branding are just a few examples that are part of every large company - and students from these fields with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry are particularly sought after here. I decided to do an internship in Employer Branding.

In the right place at the right time

During the seven and a half months as an intern I got a very good impression of Roche as an employer and learned a lot. That is why I wanted to continue working there. At the Grenzach site, there are normally no student jobs advertised. But I was very lucky: At the end of my internship, my current boss was looking for long-term support. Since I already knew many internal processes and had built up a good network, the takeover was a perfect fit.

Trust is a top priority at Roche

As a working student I work in the team "Digital Communication and Social Media" and assist with the migration of our intranet by taking care of the response and support for the old intranet. I can easily combine this task with my timetable.

I appreciate the fact that I am allowed to work flexibly and independently. I enjoy working out solutions independently. But at the same time I know that I can find a suitable contact person for every problem or question if I don't know what to do on my own. My supervisor has complete confidence that I can assess what I am implementing and deciding on my own and when I should seek support from her or another colleague.

What I have taken so far

Thanks to the freedom and confidence I have not only become more independent in the way I work, but also much more confident. While at the beginning I often wondered whether my implementation was good, I now feel much more confident and satisfied with my work.

With every project I have learned something new and it feels good that I now have practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge.

After graduation - what's next?

From January 2021 I will write my master's thesis in the company. This gives me the opportunity to familiarize myself even more deeply with the company structures, get to know new areas and at the same time continue working with my team. Both sides benefit from a long-term cooperation, as projects can be managed over a longer period of time.

Since there is an incredible number of exciting areas of work at Roche, I can well imagine working for Roche after I finish my studies. I do not yet know in which area I would like to get involved. I find the areas of human resources, employer branding and communication particularly interesting. We will see what the future brings. But first of all I will concentrate on my master thesis.

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