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At Roche, I am part of the progress in medicine

Opening doors for patients

I joined Roche more than 26 years ago and since this day my motivation is to be involved in medical progress and to be successful as a team. For me, this includes in particular state-of-the-art therapies with high tolerability and of course excellent medicine, doctors and care. This opens doors for patients, which were also opened for me. Because it was the only way I survived my cancer 23 years ago and a heart attack with a very long stay in intensive care about two years ago. Since then, I have been living and working with a heart support system ("artificial heart"), possibly up to a heart transplant.

roche, careers, germany, people, blog
I want to help shape progress in medicine, more specifically in pharmaceuticals: I have survived cancer and a heart attack. That makes it even more rewarding for me to feel that here at Roche I can do something valuable for sick people.
Christoph Schröder, Key Account Manager at Roche

Roche as an employer

I believe that my work at Roche allows me to do something that is meaningful for people; after all, Roche has revolutionized oncology therapies. My own disease situation has been handled by my employer in an exemplary way: About three years after I started at Roche Pharma AG and took over the position as product manager, I was diagnosed with cancer. After that, I was out of the picture for half a year, but there was never any discussion about my further work at Roche.

When I came back on board, I was able to look after another product until the disease unfortunately returned. At that time, I had to go through high-dose chemotherapy - that was no bed of roses! After that I was out of the picture again for half a year. When I returned, I had thought about not wanting to start again as a product manager, but to work again in direct customer contact, as I had done at Roche in the beginning.

Direct interaction with our customers

Looking back, this decision was the best choice for me, my family and Roche - I need the direct exchange with customers! And all my colleagues "outside and inside", that means in the office and in the field.In 2009, I had the chance to change to the position of Key Account Manager, where I feel right.

After all, I am a businessman through and through and come from a family of businessmen. I've been in sales for 43 years now, even as a schoolboy I had a part-time job in the textile industry, which I later used to finance my chemistry degree. The commercial focus has remained with me to this day. Working with numbers in my head and on paper is my world, and talking to our customers about the products, pharmaceuticals and science involved.

Doing valuable work for people

In December 2018, I suffered a heart attack. I went into a coma and woke up after seven weeks. In total, I spent more than four months in the intensive care and experienced the same thing I did when I had cancer 23 years earlier. State-of-the-art medicine at the highest level! But of course also with highly committed and empathetic medical staff.

I survived my strokes of fate and am grateful and proud to work at Roche, where we do valuable things for people. To be involved in this is a great feeling and I would like to do my job as long as I can and as long as they let me.

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