Meet Hille, Product Manager at Roche

Meet Hille

Where did you study?

I studied medicine at Tartu University. My clinical medical career remained quite short, as I moved into the pharmaceutical business almost 15 years ago. This long-term work in Pharma was the reason why a few years ago I obtained a second master’s degree in health sciences, focusing on health-care management.

In which Roche location are you currently working?

I am working in Roche Estonia. Estonia is a small country in the northeastern corner of Europe, where summers are hot and winters are cold. As Estonia is a small country, our affiliate is also quite small, but Roche Estonia is well-known and recognized among the Estonian medical community. Also it is worth mentioning that we have the market-leader position, not only in key therapy areas, but also in the whole Estonian pharmaceutical market.

Why did you decide to join Roche?

Four years ago when I joined Roche I wasn’t very familiar with developments in oncology. It seemed a very interesting and promising area, not only because of new, innovative drugs, but also an opportunity for me personally. Oncology as a therapy area is very broad, and I believed it could give me a chance to use my clinical knowledge. Today I can add that my knowledge about health-care management has also been beneficial.

What is your current job?

To describe the product managers’ job in Roche Estonia, we use expression “shop owners”. You may ask what that means. As product manager, I am responsible for everything from A-Z, and it means I should have product and disease-area knowledge, understanding of the market and understanding of customer needs.I am responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing plans. As we are a small affiliate, part of my job is to make calls to customers. I really like this part of my job as it provides direct feedback about our products.

What makes it such a great job?

Working with the oncology portfolio has given me an opportunity to be an important link between drug development and medical need.

What makes Roche special for you?

As a “shop owner” I have full responsibility and at the same time a certain independence that makes my everyday duties flexible. I very much appreciate how our managers support the importance of work/life balance. And last but not least – we have a great team! I really believe in TEAM – Together Everyone (can) Achieve More! And it works!

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