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Gaining “perspectives” to shape Finance for the future

Finance Perspectives helped me understand how Roche’s mission is realized in practice across the organization and prepared me to be a catalyzer in Finance.

My name is Dominik and I come from the beautiful country of Slovenia. I joined Roche in 2015 as an intern in the Region Europe Pharma Finance Team. The terrific team and the opportunity to work alongside talented colleagues across different functions gave me the opportunity to understand the scope of the impact every individual can make at Roche. Joining the Finance Perspectives program enabled me to broaden my understanding of both Roche’s business and how our mission is realized in practice in different parts of the company’s value chain, from R&D to commercial operations in the affiliates. While on the Finance Perspectives program, I worked in Switzerland, Thailand, Myanmar and the US across both Roche’s Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics Divisions.

The program and the people I met along the way prepared me to successfully take on the responsibilities of my current role, Finance Manager of the Roche Pharma affiliate in Croatia. The program also gave me invaluable “perspectives” to shape Finance for the future at Roche. If you believe that the more one learns, the more there is left to learn, then this program is for you.

Our impact

Working with my colleagues to help bring the best treatments and diagnostics to the patients is a great privilege and responsibility and is what gets me excited to come to work every day.


Our culture

Meritocracy, creative freedom, talented individuals, listening, caring for each other.

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