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“We would not be wrong if doing the right things”

We are transforming to be faster and better serve more patients and Ha is one of the guardians to ensure we move forward in all right ways.

As a part of Finance team, I am responsible for local compliance management program. I do compliance risk assessment on an annual basis, and drive action plans accordingly. Roche is transforming to bring better treatment outcomes for more patients faster and to make this happen requires several changes from the way we work, the engagement we build with external stakeholders and the policies we have built. My job is to find the ways to enable business to do so rightly, innovative and effectively but still stay true to our principles on doing the right things.

Compliance allows us to maintain patient safety, the fairness of the market and reputation of Roche globally. 

The risk assessment I have carried out covers diverse topics ranging from the interactions with HCPs and HCOs, patient organizations, third party management, patient support program, data privacy, to general corporate policies. I basically develop or adapt SOPs & policies for Vietnam, provide training to reinforce compliance, perform self-assessment and drive continuous improvement. 

“People don’t know what they don’t know”, thus, one of the biggest parts of my job is being a business partner for commercial teams, make them aware and adhere to the compliance policies as well as understand their needs and figure out the new ways to move forward with new initiatives. Internally, there is an evolution in how we think and operate, the collaborations between cross-functional teams are greater than ever before. I do believe the ways we collaborate is helping to simplify processes while maintaining compliance and effectiveness. All of these changes are driven by Kim Chi Nam / North Star which at the end of the day brings impacts to our patients.

roche, careers, vietnam, blog, people

Our impact

The transformation that is happening in Roche Pharma in particular is helping us to add more values for our patients. I always challenge myself how am I now embedding and evolving Compliance into a new agile organization? I am committed to simplify the processes, enabling more empowerment and encouraging greater accountabilities of the business team. I take a practical approach to make greater collaboration and agile working.

Roche is at the forefront of I am very excited about the transformation. Previously, I don’t see direct impacts of my work to the patients. But with the new agile way of working and collaboration, there has been many initiatives that never happen before and we have to evolve the way Compliance team work. The initiatives I take to simplify things and be the solid rear for business have helped give them the courage to explore new things more effectively and better manage the uncertainties in achieving our goals, which ultimately helps us get to our North star faster. As transformation will move us toward a more agile, empowered way of working, it will unleash potentials in people and enable great things happen faster.


The place to Work

Roche is a great place to me. Everyone at Roche is friendly and approachable, the environment helps us to easily connect and collaborate with each other, the decentralized organization empower us to take initiatives. “Choose a job you love, and you never work a day in your life” (Confusius), it feels like that to me when working at Roche. 

More importantly, the company is truly making impacts and shapes the world with its work. I am proud to work for  a company where I do things that matter, add more values patients, and experience the value my work has on their lives firsthand.

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