Inside United Arab Emirates

The UAE Management Centre oversees the operations across the United Arab Emirates as well as 12 countries in the region (Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Pakistan). There are a total of 35 employees based in Dubai, and 11 in the Abu Dhabi office. Overall, across the region there are approximately 150 employees, and the team keeps growing!

UAE is a special country as it embraces more than 40 nationalities who constitute around 80% of the total population; the nationals are a minority. This cosmopolitan nature is also reflected in the mixture of Roche employees’ nationalities which includes more than 15 nationalities. Although considered a naïve country, the UAE was able to position itself as a business hub in the region and provided the necessary infrastructure to sustain this environment. This made Dubai a feasible choice as a base country for managing the UAE-Management Centre area.

In 2009 Roche UAE sales will reach around 47 million CHF. The current structure of the UAE-Management Centre was formed in late 2008 as part of the new management, which decentralized all operations for the Gulf region and gave countries the power to have full-fledged teams including marketing and medical.