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Pioneer in Elevating Customer Experience

Working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, spinning from commercial roles and Sales Training Manager to the customer experience arena, I have had the privilege to be involved in the industry evolution from product-centric to what is now patient/customer-centric, and to see how technology enables advancements in all aspects.


Nowadays, partnership with health care practitioners (HCPs) has never been more important. Co-creating medical benefits with HCPs for patients is how we accelerate delivering better outcomes for more patients faster.

Technology has greatly changed the way we work and collaborate in all industries. This change has brought both challenges and possibilities. Responding effectively to changes in the pharmaceutical industry, it is critical to keep up with the movements and seize the opportunities for optimization.

One such example is real world data has become meaningful; another is that scientific knowledge exchange is no longer limited to face-to-face communication. As a result, our service in both quality and speed has been improved exponentially.

My role is to connect the dots - digital innovation, commercial capabilities, customer relationship, business insights with market research, and new product planning – in order to deepen the customer journey that ultimately supports HCPs to perform a timely diagnosis and treatment at the very moment each patient needs.

Alex Shih leads the team pioneering in elevating customer experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Our impact

I see myself as a catalyst for fostering a collaborative environment within Roche and building up a cross-channel platform, so that Roche across the globe is able to shape the industry eco-system with a strong backbone of customer insights, real-world data, scientific evidence, and commercial capabilities. This is exactly what differentiates Roche from other companies; and is also where I find my contribution to be exceptionally meaningful.


The place to Work

Roche is on its way to becoming an agile organization. The vision we have shaped together is centered on patients. This agile transformation helps make our intent clearer and more focused so whenever we make any decisions or take any action, I will ask myself what values we are bringing for the patients and whether it is contributing to our vision. At Roche, I am proud that we are making a positive impact to patients every day through effective partnership and cutting-edge customer experience.

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