Maximizing medical value to those in need

I am proud of playing my part in shaping the medical environment in Taiwan and doing my best for the patients, by communicating my scientific knowledge and by partnership with health care practitioners with the support of clinical operations.

Translating scientific knowledge into an engaging conversation with physicians that generates insightful discussion is one of the things I enjoy the most as an Medical Scientific Liaison. Not only does it help identify true unmet medical needs, but it also creates new opportunities to benefit patients. None of these would bring a positive impact to patients without advanced scientific findings, timely knowledge exchange, and numerous trials/studies validation. MSL plays a critical role in this process and this is how I contribute and maximize value to the medical environment.

Shang-yun Liu, Sr. MSL, is at his best in a collaborative and empowered working environment

Our impact

What fuels my passion and determination at work are those moments when Taiwan takes an important role in global clinical trials along with other advanced countries and when local clinical trials are initiated in order to contribute to medical evidence so that we can fill the data gaps for Taiwanese patients. These are the impacts made by our collective effort that truly maximizes medical value for those in need.

The place to Work

I feel fortunate to be part of Roche. My colleagues are my energy boost because I know we share the same vision about what we do, and they are who I can rely on. Both Roche and the people at Roche are constantly striving to be better.

Our culture

We are now aiming to become agile as an organization and as individuals, so that we are able to bring better medical value to patients. This transformation takes time and commitment from all of us to adapt different ways of working and collaborating.

Our workplace

My intention to do good for patients is the same as the first day I joined Roche, and is the cornerstone that keeps me on track to continuously create value in the medical field.

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