The voice of Sze Rui Ong

The voice of Sze Rui Ong

Sze Rui Ong’s stint in the STRAT program organised by the Economic Development Board of Singapore gave her her first glimpse of the Roche company culture. The Mechanical Engineering graduate loved the work culture and the company’s focus on personal development. There was little surprise therefore when Roche decided to set up a plant in Singapore that she jumped at the opportunity to join a great company.

As a part of a team responsible for ensuring successful and efficient processes for production of marketed recombinant protein, Sze Rui provides ongoing technical and scientific support for the unit operations utilised in the manufacture of marketed recombinant protein products. Her job allows her to play an active role in resolving and troubleshooting issues with the manufacturing process and equipment. For Sze Rui, as no new challenges are exactly the same, she feels that this gives her the opportunity to constantly learn new things about the manufacturing process as well as build a better understanding of the equipment.

Sze Rui considers the willingness to listen and consider different ideas and feedback regardless of one’s job position in the company as one of the best things about working in Roche. “I have learnt a lot and grown with the company since it first started. There were lots of challenges and hardships through the years, but we have pulled through every single one with the support from management,” she explained.

Just as important to her is RSTO’s efforts at meeting the needs of employees. She cites as an example the DNA hub which was set up based upon employee feedback. “The DNA hub consists of a small gym, table tennis tables, foosball tables, and pool tables, etc. The facilities are meant for employees to relax and bond with one another at work,” she noted. “Concern for the employees’ well-being has led to the setup of the wellness committee. The committee has been actively organising programs such as yoga and pilates classes as well as weight management course during lunch to encourage colleagues to have a healthier lifestyle,” she added.

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