The voice of Brenda Lee

The voice of Brenda Lee

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Brenda Lee joined RSTO in September 2008 as a Buyer/Planner under the Genentech ECP1 start up. Brenda decided to join Roche as it has an impressive reputation in the Pharmaceutical and Biologics sector as well as an admirable Mission and Vision: to save lives and make a difference in the lives of others.

As the Master Production Scheduler at RSTO, Brenda is the key interface between Global Planning and the Singapore site. Her main responsibility is to balance demand requirements across Singapore’s operations capacity, implement an executable master production schedule accounting for production and non-production demand as well as highlighting any risks/issues regarding the production plan to site leadership and Global Planning via the site governance and S&OP process. Brenda enjoys her work despite the hectic schedule as she feels that her work enhances her learning process. “I enjoy my work because it gives me the ability to have both a high level overview yet still be in touch with the finer details of the daily ongoings of production at the site,” she explained.

Over the years, Brenda has witnessed the growth of RSTO. “RSTO has grown tremendously in terms of staff strength & culture since the first days of my joining the Genentech ECP1 start up,” she noted. An example, she said, would be the culture of the organisation, “RSTO has a pretty good mix of local culture and the strengths of the American Genentech culture of open communication and friendly demeanour.” What impressed her most is the sense of common purpose and teamwork. “All are friendly and strive to put aside differences to solve issues and drive improvement,” she said.

One of the most memorable activities she has attended was the first Ho-Ho event. The Ho-Ho concept was unlike any event that she had attended in her previous employment. “It’s just simply a time to unwind, a time to catch up with colleagues and share a laugh and story over a drink,” she recalled.

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