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Rosario is voice of the patients in the organization

I am Rosario and as a member of the Patient Relations Team, I build relationships with different Patient Organizations.  I collaborate with the affiliate and patient groups to co-create plans and activities for the patients, so that Roche Philippines may achieve its goal of bringing its innovative treatment and services to more Filipino patients.

I came from the Commercial team as a Territory Manager. Then I progressed as a Product Specialist and an In-field Educator. I became part of the Launch Force of different Roche products. Thereafter, I handled a short-term assignment as Access Specialist last year before becoming a Patient Relations Associate.

Today, the patient engagement landscape is shifting. Patients are being empowered to have their voices heard, to make informed choices in managing their disease, to have access to innovative medicines, cancer care and participate in policy making.

In line with one of the Company’s top priorities, which is patient-centricity, I work together with the patients through their organisation to co-create workable action plans, such as disease awareness campaign and “Strokes of Hope”, commitment and support exercise (calligraphy bag painting) for the benefit of patients suffering from cancer. The Strokes of Hope program helps patients to express themselves and more importantly, to be strong, not only for themselves, but also for their family and loved ones.

 I engage patients to build the Patient Journey and to validate their experience and behaviors from pre-origination to post treatment in order to identify if there are unmet needs and how we can co-create solutions with them, for them. I map out Cancer Institutes of different (pre-identified) hospitals and Patient Advocacy Groups (PAG) to know if there are existing patient navigation programs and how we can collaborate with them to strengthen or enhance their programs. I also engage with stakeholders such as different cancer advocacy groups to get a comprehensive mapping of their organization so that we will have a database of these patient groups and it would be easier for us to scan for information for future needs.

Glimpses from Rosario's life and work

Our impact

I am a product of transformation

In adherence to compliance guidelines, the commercial team does not interact with patients. Due to which, we can only assume what was going on in the lives of the patients. The transformation led to the creation of the patient relations group, dedicated to make a difference in the lives of the patients, solely because we want to go above and beyond for our patients. This new way of thinking about patient centricity enabled me to display two of my top strengths which are responsibility and adaptability. It further developed my interpersonal skills in interacting with different stakeholders and it challenged me to be more agile.

My role is very new to the organization. We are just starting, but slowly we now have a better understanding of the patient community in our country. We are beginning to understand how current topics (National Integrated Cancer Control Act) and future trends (Maximum Drug Retail Price) in the patient environment could affect the healthcare landscape. We are now able to identify suited partners for collaborations, e.g. Patient Advocacy Groups, patient navigation programs of different Cancer Institutes. We are now hearing the voices of the patients directly from them. 

At Roche, our work goes beyond innovating medicines and supporting diagnostics. It is all about improving the lives of people affected by cancer and other diseases. 


The place to Work

Roche is a great place to work. I was able to balance my personal and work life, especially when I was starting a family. The people I’ve worked with, the training sessions I attended, the different countries I have visited, including the challenges and learnings I have experienced along the way made me a better individual at work and at home. Today more than ever, people are empowered but accountable to make decisions. The environment is very collaborative. We celebrate successes and even small milestones.

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