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I started my career in Roche as a medical representative 22 years back. After a series of promotion, I became a District Manager in North Luzon. I was in my comfort zone until I was transferred to Manila to lead a special project in Oncology team. Now, I have two interesting roles in Roche Philippines.


I see my work as the creator of opportunity

In my first role, as the Operations and Distribution Manager of Established Products, I foresee third party management alliance for our established products. This includes assessing and monitoring the companies we work with and also analysing their performance in order to ensure that their strategies are aligned with our vision.

I also engage with trade channels, hospitals, pharmacies to ensure easy access on our non-promoted medicines for patients. I collaborate with these institutions to know their concerns and closely coordinate with group institutions to further explore opportunities on how more patients can start and continue on treatments by designing special price programs for government institutions. My work revolves around crucial decision making and involves engagements with regulatory team and supply chain.

Our fight against cancer is on. In my second role, I am the operations lead of a comprehensive genomic test that enables personalised treatment for patients especially those suffering from cancer. I step in to design the execution once the strategy is formulated. I drive awareness and education campaigns for healthcare professionals and doctors so that they know about how this test can be used to provide guidance to patients at the right time.

Purpose spurs passion, which fans the sparks that light the fires that fuel change.
Richard Branson

Our impact

I choose hope every single time

Roche is undergoing a transformation in the way we think and act in order to deliver better outcomes to our patients. To be honest, before this transformation, I never thought about my work as a major game changer. But now every decision I make, I put myself in the position of patients, and I ask myself how will this benefit the patients? I ask myself is there a way to speed up a certain process so that the patient can get the treatment soon? My work with the multiple channels can either bring hope to a patient who is suffering or can bring dismay and I choose hope every single time.

 The transformation truly shaped the way I think. It has instilled a sense of purpose in me. I do the right thing, rather than the easy thing, even though sometimes the right thing can be the hardest to do. I collaborate with colleagues across the globe in Roche to share thoughts, exchange ideas, and understand best practices.

The place to Work

For me, Roche is a continuous evolution of doing great things

Roche provided me with strong development. It set me up for success. It constantly provided me with stretch assignments and roles, where I felt I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. But to my surprise, I did quite well and these invitation for challenges made my learning curve steeper. Roche allowed me to experience agility by helping me learn by doing and learning quickly from failures. I feel truly empowered here to make my decisions. It is a great time to be in Roche.

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