1 person, 2 impactful roles - Introducing Jeff Tan

Preparing Roche Philippines for future innovative medicines, and ensuring that patients uncover the actual cause behind their condition - This is what my daily day at Roche looks like.
I joined Roche in 2018 as a Finance Business Partner. However, my interest towards product management and strategic planning encouraged me to transition to a commercial role just this year. 

I am uniquely positioned to handle two different roles. In my first role as a Portfolio and Pipeline Manager, I assess the feasibility of our pipeline products in our local setting as well as preliminary localization of launch strategies. I also provide the leaders at Roche a long term picture of our portfolio strategy, recommendations on resourcing, brand, and disease area prioritization.

In my second role, I function as the Commercial Strategy Lead for a comprehensive genomic test that will enable personalized treatment for patients. Here, I am responsible for developing localized commercial and access strategies and then execute them in an effort to transform our local diagnostics landscape into something truly personalized for Filipino cancer patients.

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Our impact

We are transforming for our patients and my work makes me see the big picture

In the past two years, pipeline products were directly assigned to commercial teams. This puts silos between teams and across different functions, which can potentially affect the product launch.

But now we are transforming the way we function to serve our patients better and faster. Thanks to this, my unique role has enabled me to cross-functionally manage the launch preparation process and coordinate with multiple stakeholders - both within and outside the Philippines. Pipeline products are now being discussed and planned long before they are launched in order to ensure that we bring these innovative medicines to Filipino patients faster. This role has allowed me to see the big picture and recommend which disease areas to invest and prioritize in that would  best address the unmet needs of our patients. We have veered away from only looking at medicines that would reach a large pool of patient population to also emphasizing the importance of bringing these medicines to patients with rare conditions, no matter how low the incidence is. 

The place to Work

The first thing that comes to mind when working at Roche is empowerment. I am amazed at how encouraging people here are when it comes to speaking up and in trying out new things. Roche’s transformation/new ways of functioning has enabled me to move despite my lack of direct commercial experience, by allowing me to take up a short-term assignment program with Portfolio and Pipeline. 

 It is refreshing to note that people here at Roche Philippines treat you as equals, contrary to a common expectation that multinationals would have very hierarchical structures and tight power dynamics. Last but not the least, people here are supportive and there are myriad ways people go the extra mile and embody a spirit of excellence here. This makes Roche a great place to work.

Our culture

I really appreciate the openness of Roche’s culture and its approach towards looking at employees based on their abilities and potential rather than labeling them based on their expertise. This has opened up new possibilities for me. I feel confident to offer my opinions and ideas despite being relatively new to the role and to the industry. My colleagues objectively assess these inputs and build on it to come up with a co-created solution.

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