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From connecting dots to connecting Innovations and People

I started my professional career in information management, and saw a whole new world unfold as I ventured into the commercial path at Roche.  Before, I was connecting dots of information and insights. In my current role at Roche, I am helping to connect healthcare innovations with the people that need them.


I am the Commercial Strategy Manager (CSM) for the Women’s Health portfolio.  I have always been a data and analytics person, previously taking on roles in Information Management, Market Research, and Strategic Planning.  It was at Roche where I was given the chance to really broaden professionally by taking insights to the next level. As CSM, I ensure that my team has a deep understanding of customer needs, is able to create opportunities to broaden access for our medicines, comes together to craft and implement strategies to ensure those opportunities are realized, and continuously learns how best to bring innovations faster to patients.

My data and analytics background has proven very helpful in this role, but I have had to learn a lot more in terms of working with people, engaging with healthcare practitioners, working with colleagues across different functions and geographic borders. Also, not getting paralyzed with tremendous amounts of information, and being able to still move forward even in the midst of uncertainty were few of my key learnings.

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Our impact

With the Women’s Health cross-functional team, we are trying new ways of getting up to date information to customers. We have introduced a patient support program for one of our brands and are working on further improving other existing ones. We strive to equip our doctors so that they in turn can educate peers, healthcare administrators and patients.

The transformation in Roche has created major impact. Previously, 3 of us were in charge of 3 different breast cancer drugs. This meant that by design we mainly thought about our individual brand, its success and accessibility. Due to unforeseen situations, this was sometimes done at the expense of other brands in the same portfolio. The transformation led us to think about how we can be more patient centric, and less brand centric. That is when we decided to change the structure and make all the 3 brands fall under one 1 group. This led to higher collaboration amongst us. We now take a more holistic approach in supporting our customers.


The place to Work

What first attracted me to Roche was an article describing how, for Roche, access to innovations was integral to the organization’s discipline and Roche invested in the process of bringing these innovations to market.  Access wasn’t an after-thought, but was built into brand strategy very early in the process.

I joined the organization because I believed in what Roche was doing.  My life with Roche has been very dynamic and full of strong learning experiences. At Roche, the organization supports iterative learning, and at the same time holds each person accountable for results. While there is formal leadership, each employee is treated as a leader in her/his own area.  As the organization and roles continue to evolve, the individuals feel empowered to shape their career.

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