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Carlbee is making an impact through real world data

As an Evidence Generation Lead in Roche Pharma Philippines, I drive research and studies that collect data about real-life settings and practices in the healthcare industry. Through the data collected, we get further insights and new information about disease areas, standards of care, effectiveness of health services or products as well as health policies. 


As a member of the Clinical Operations team in the Philippines, my team and I  conduct observational studies, with the aim to provide relevant real-world data about health care in the country. This data also contributes to the safety and efficacy profile of Roche’s medicines and services.

I am responsible for setting up the studies in the  Philippines - ensuring that the people, facilities, institutions and other stakeholders involved in the study are able to comply with industry guidelines and regulations. Compliance to these industry requirements allow us to maintain patient safety and credibility of the data generated from the studies.

The Clinical Operations team is transforming the way we work, in line with Roche’s transformation in mindset. There is an evolution in how we think and operate, in order to create the most positive impact for patients. The internal and external collaborations of my team are greater than ever before. I also appreciate the headway we are making in processes simplification and efficiency, while still maintaining compliance. 

Carlbee's moments from life

Our impact

Delivering better outcomes to more Filipino patients faster

Ultimately, the data generated from studies and observational research will help patients, health care providers, and even policy-makers, take better decisions on how to improve health. The information can also be used in crafting new interventions. More data and better analysis thereof can translate to better impact to our patients.

The transformation that is happening in Roche Pharma in particular is helping us create more value for our patients. An example would be the shift in focus of our activities and efforts. Previously, we participated mainly in global-led studies, which provide generated data on a ‘global’ scale. This has been integral in building the safety and efficacy profiles of our products, and more importantly, provided patient access to innovative treatments of Roche. However, there is an increasing need to gather more information in a  local setting, in order to obtain data that is more relevant to the Filipino population. Alongside the Roche Pharma transformation, there is also the potential to generate Philippine data on diseases, treatment and the market. This will help us take better and quicker decisions for our patients. The impact of Clinical Operations has expanded. 


The place to Work

It is important for me to work in a company that is truly impactful and shapes the world with its work. Roche is doing it in every way possible. I am proud to work for  a company where I can help and reach more patients, and experience the value my work has on their lives firsthand.

At Roche, I can do both

Currently, I am pursuing my Masters degree while working, and I feel the support from my team in Roche, who I consider to be my second family. I appreciate the way I am supported on my development and career  journey. It wasn’t a choice between advancing my career or making an impact on people’s lives. At Roche, I can do both.


Our culture

I see Roche as a company where people are unafraid to face their weaknesses and are encouraged to do their best to overcome those weaknesses and build their strengths. In Roche, I feel empowered and confident to be innovative - not only with our operations, but also in how we engage with external stakeholders.

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