Inside Roche Pakistan


In Pakistan, Roche is represented by a Pharmaceutical division, Diagnostics division and Diabetes Care.

Roche Pakistan has a strong position among the top pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical market of Pakistan; despite tough competition from other companies.

Roche focuses on areas of significant unmet medical needs and places where the company has the expertise to make a difference. In Pakistan, the pharma division focuses on marketing and sales for the main therapeutic areas of oncology, virology, bone care and transplantation / anemia.

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Our anti-cancer medicines are saving lives and significantly advancing the way cancers are treated. The oncology portfolio includes innovative cancer products proven to provide survival benefit in a number of different tumor types.

With continuing developments in the above therapeutic areas; Roche continues to be the leader in providing patient focused treatments; thus uniquely positioning Roche to continue expanding its leadership in various areas of Healthcare Management.

Roche Diabetes Care

Roche Diabetes Care products are designed with the basic aim of helping people with diabetes live healthy productive lives and to make managing diabetes easier. In addition to offering greater convenience, monitoring systems with integrated lancets and test strips and software for storing and analysing data improve glycemic (blood glucose) control for many users. New and innovative products in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and services offering significant benefits over existing options strengthens Roche Diabetes Care's position in the health care market of Pakistan.

Roche Diagnostics

The Diagnostics division is active in all market segments from scientific research and clinical laboratory systems to patient self-monitoring. Thanks to a broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and systems that play a pivotal role in the groundbreaking area of integrated healthcare solutions and cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of disease, Roche has an outstanding position in the relevant local markets.

Where we are based

Roche is based in Karachi, the economic capital of the country and the locations of all divisions are in close proximity. We have sales offices in two major cities of the country; Islamabad and Lahore. The Pharmaceutical division employs around 150 people; around 50 people work for the Diagnostics division and Diabetes Care has around 40 employees. The average age is 36 years with a suitably balanced gender ratio. We provide equal opportunities for employment, At present, we have employees from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, giving us the appropriate blend of talent.

We are a competitive employer with low staff turnover and high employee satisfaction. Our employees form the company culture with their experience, education, life philosophy and enthusiasm. Clear vision and focus of the company, the work environment which is growth oriented, supportive and friendly, exposure to multiple development opportunities; make Roche a place to work with. Yes, Roche highly values its employees and quality work is always appreciated and recognized. The management is encouraging and thus values each and every employee.

Who we are looking for

At Roche Pakistan, the open roles are mainly in the disciplines of Marketing & Sales and Medical Affairs. We strive to gain talent having the right mix of professional and educational expertise. If you have potential and want to influence your own development and looking for a company where you have the opportunity to pursue your interests across functions and geographies with the commitment to team work and innovation which you are seeking, then Roche is the place for you.

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