Teamwork is a recipe for success

As Roche Assist Lead, I am responsible for managing Malaysia's Roche Patient Assistance Program (MYRPAP), a platform that enables patients access to Roche medication with assisted programs and services. Just as MYRPAP enhances collaborations in the healthcare system to ensure critical support to patients, our internal teamwork catalyzes greater achievement and job satisfaction in Roche employees.

I joined Roche as Nurse Advisor and was promoted to Nurse Manager on my 5th year of employment before I was fully appointed as Roche Assist Manager in 2016. September 2019 was the pivotal moment for Roche Malaysia as our company transformed into an agile organization and launched new ways of working to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and patients. It was during this transformation that I took up a new challenge as Roche Assist Lead and managed a team of 4; comprising of 1 Roche Assist Manager and 3 Program Care Coordinators. 

Our patients are our daily focus, from providing assistance in online registration to ensuring compassionate medications are delivered on time to patient. 

MYRPAP supports thousands of patients and we have seen a gradual increase of new patient per month as diagnosed by physicians across the country. Managing the multitude of various tasks of MYRPAP is important to ensure efficient care and effective support to our patients. Dynamic teamwork is imperative when we, as a team, need to accelerate our patients claims on a daily basis while empathizing to phone calls by customers and providing guidance of registration to new enrolled patients to name a few. 

MYRPAP partners closely with our other internal teams from Information Technology to Pharmacovigilance to Compliance as well. We constantly work with IT for quick troubleshooting of system issues and new enhancements. We also collaborate with Pharmovigilance and Compliance to ensure that MYRPAP is conducted in a compliant manner.  

Teamwork makes the dream work

Yati and her colleagues work well together at work and in life.

Our impact

My position gives me great opportunities to add value to my company and the patients it serves. Every year more than a thousand new patients are enrolled into MYRPAP. This means more patients are needing the latest range of medications from Roche. Today patients are truly benefiting from Roche medications and reduced treatment cost. Since the launched of MYRPAP in 2007, we have observed longer disease remission and survival rate with patients under the program.

MYRPAP also had the privilege of launching an integrated platform  that provides a better interface for our new patients. In October 2019, we launched the mobile version which significantly improved the user experience and simplify the registration processes for our patients. This gave us the opportunity to share our experience with other Roche affiliates globally and multiply the impact to other regions.

There will be more exciting and upcoming initiatives to Roche patient support program that I am involved in and I look forward to the value and impact of the project to our patients.

The place to Work

Just like how a good home nurtures a happy family, a great company develops great employees! I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting many great leaders in Roche that had empowered and enabled to my growth in skills and leadership. I also appreciate the camaraderie of partnership and friendship among my colleagues as we continue to build a collaborative environment where our opinions matters  and our contributions, recognized.

In my 13-year journey with Roche, I have also witnessed great innovation in Roche in advancing medications across many disease areas. Thousands of patient lives are changed for the betterment with Roche treatment options and I am glad that I have can play part in this extraordinary purpose of delivering better outcomes for more patients faster.  I believe I speak for my colleagues as well when I say that it is the positive impact and relief that we provide to patients on a daily basis that drives us at Roche to continue providing our very best in everything we do. 

I am thankful for the opportunity that Roche has given to me and look forward to serve many more years to come in this great company!

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