Making A Career Comeback

I have never felt that being a woman has been a disadvantage in progressing through my career. However, the challenging decision of taking a career break became a reality when juggling the roles as a mother and as a daughter. What I believed at the time to be “career suicide”, led to the path I am currently on in my professional life.  

Discovering My Passion

I began working as an investment analyst in a foreign bank before moving to Singapore to take up a role as a financial analyst. Working in a FMCG company gave me the opportunity to deep dive into the world of finance. 

Despite the lessons learnt, I realised that my real passion was in people development. I was drawn towards Human Resources, sparked by instances in which I was able to help individuals in the organisation navigate their career paths. 

Unfortunately, I was forced to take a step back from the professional world in order to care for my ailing mother. I ended up spending five years on a career break, but I was determined to make the most out of my new reality.

Returning to the Workforce

I began working on building my network and finding opportunities to develop skills uncultivated in the conventional office environments. Looking back, the time I spent developing my coaching skills proved invaluable in raising my kids, supporting my mum and later, approaching my work. 

Transitioning back to the workforce involved me re-looking at my priorities. I was determined to focus on what I was passionate about. I refrained from re-entering a financial institution in favour of a smaller company which offered me a role in HR. From there, I undertook a steep learning curve with strong conviction that my work was creating an environment in which employees naturally strive to attain their highest potential. 

My Journey at Roche

I joined Roche in 2016 as the Head of the People Team. My responsibilities are now much larger than when I first entered the HR practice, and is constantly evolving as the company promotes agile leadership, cross-functional collaboration and co-creation with our global stakeholders and employees.  Similarly, my passions and motivations have grown with it. I am now responsible for the alignment of our people’s agenda to the larger Roche Services and Solutions vision.

People are at the heart of the work we execute as a services and solutions team. Therefore, nurturing an engaged team to realise their fullest potential is incredibly important. There is a strong belief in our organisation that a purposeful career is what motivates individuals and this ultimately drives our organisation. Roche constantly strives to do now what patients need next. Now, more than ever, we are constantly rewarded by the recognition we are making lasting improvements in the world.

My Journey at Roche

Roche constantly strives to do now what patients need next. There is a strong belief in our organisation that a purposeful career is what motivates individuals and this ultimately drives our organisation.

Our impact

Together We Make A Difference  

The positive differences we make is testament to the inclusive culture we promote here at Roche. The opportunity to work with individuals from various backgrounds invigorates our creativity and lifts the energy in our workplace. We promote agile ways of working due to the appreciation we have for new ideas and solutions. Furthermore, it allows us all to learn and better ourselves every day. 

The flexible work arrangement promotes a more balanced lifestyle for me. I get to go for my hikes before work and pilates after work. The flexibility and empowerment that I get in Roche really enables me to deliver my best work. 

This journey has also taught me that gender is never an obstacle. Yes, it put a strain in my career progression but I was constantly persevering to make sure I reached my goals. My mother too was a fearless woman who managed to pursue her dreams without compromising her roles as a mother, wife and daughter. The success of an individual comes down to their tenacity for development and their passion for what they do. 

The place to Work

Roche is a great place to work. 

What makes Roche a great place to work at are the people who come from various backgrounds and are willing to share their different ideologies and wisdom. It's a place to constantly learn and grow in an environment that is accepting and encouraging.

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