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The Red Chair - Rapid, Broad and Sustainable Patient Access

My career began with Roche as a Product Information Representative, where I learned the art of customer engagement. I was promoted to a Sales Manager where I honed my coaching and people leadership competencies.

At my 10th anniversary with Roche, I continue my exciting career journey as a Patient Access Manager during our affiliate's transformation to an Patient Centric Agile Organization.


I am truly blessed to work in an organization where Roche Leaders are committed to discovering and developing potential in people. I was given opportunities to rotate within several therapeutic areas, embark on short-term assignments in product management and take up sales management and patient access roles.

In Sales Management, I had grown in my element with an experienced team and made a positive impact on our patients' lives. Looking back, I appreciate the challenging moments of delivering personalized coaching approaches, understanding what motivates team, articulating a clear vision to rally people around a common goal and finally, the most rewarding of all, witnessing the team achieving extraordinary results.

Today, the vision to enable all the eligible lung, gastrointestinal and genitourinary cancer patients access to Roche innovative medicines faster drives me to challenge my strategic agility and mindset to optimize reimbursements and pave early access pathways for patients with innovative medicines.

The Red Chair at Roche Business Planning Sprints

malaysia, careers, blog, people, roche

Our impact

Our company had many business achievements and though we were successful, I always felt that there was something missing; until our transformation took place. Guided by our North Star; which is to deliver better outcomes for more patients faster, customer and patient centricity became a real focus when Roche Malaysia’s Leaders made bold changes to shift to an agile operational model and remove sales targets and incentives.

This crucial pivot connects me to a bigger purpose to drive customer and patient value beyond sales; to deliver results that have an impact to our patients’ lives. Today, our business planning sessions include an empty “RED CHAIR” at the table that reminds us of our patients' and customers' voice in our solutions. With this, customer engagement becomes more meaningful as we co-create solutions that addresses the real needs of patients and customers alike. I am happy to see customers appreciating our partnership and co-creation initiatives because we are doing what really matters for the patients.


The place to Work

In a world that is becoming increasingly VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), I feel proud to be in this organization where my leaders have the vision to transform to an agile organization amidst our current success.

With this change, I am now empowered to drive my own development by broadening my network to other affiliates in the region to learn from their successes and challenges in areas where they are more advanced. I am also able to contribute in return to support our learning and strategy implementation exponentially here in Roche Malaysia.

Today, all these are possible at Roche with the culture of collaboration and networking across functions and geography. I am inspired by this disruptive experience that enables me to work differently with no bureaucracy.

With the new ways of working, I believe we are able to disrupt status quo and innovate creative healthcare solutions that creates positive impact for our patients.

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