Meet Ring, IT Delivery Manager - Strategic Outsourcing & Delivery at Shared Service Centre Kuala Lumpur

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Do you have any personal experience of someone in your immediate environment having been quite ill or suffering from a disease and how that affected you -- and perhaps impacted your decision to join Roche?

My Father was diagnosed with nose cancer and also suffered from a stroke a few years ago. It was difficult for me and my family to digest this news, going in and out of the hospital, supporting my dad while receiving therapy and proper cancer treatment. That’s when I realized the importance of having the right medications and medical care in place in order to save the life of a loved one. When I was offered to join Roche Informatics in Application Development and Maintenance Delivery (ADMD) team, I was really excited about the opportunity to have the chance of joining one of the largest healthcare companies in the world -- and to be able to contribute indirectly to saving people's lives.

How does working on technology help you to improve the lives of patients?

I’m with ADMD’s Pharma Development and Product Technology Team (PDPT) and our main task is to ensure smooth delivery of Roche IT services, provide our business partners with good resources and IT-managed services in developing as well as maintaining Roche systems. With proper structure and good services in place, it allows Roche business colleagues to carry out daily work without system interruptions and enhance users’ experiences to ease their daily tasks. I believe this helps them also to do the work that impacts patients.

What is the most challenging part of your job or about working at Roche in general?

I sometimes come across big or small challenges in terms of understanding the business quickly enough to provide the right solutions. Nevertheless, I can always count on my Roche colleagues and support from my manager to provide guidance to overcome the challenges.

What are the positive challenges your job offers you?

I need to ensure good quality of IT-managed services being delivered from Kuala Lumpur to PDPT, and as Kuala Lumpur is a new Shared Service Centre, there is still lots of works to be done. Nevertheless, I am glad to be a pioneer, which gives me the opportunity to ensure we do it well from the beginning, creating the right environment for the future growth of Roche.

Have you seen the result of your work reflected in helping patients?

This will be an ongoing evergreen effort. In fact, my daily work at Roche, ensuring the continuity of IT services, reflects in helping patients as we are continuously doing now what patients needs next.

Please complete the following sentence: Roche is a great place to work because...

...of its diversity and inclusive culture. Everyone that I have met within Roche has thus far been very outgoing, helpful and willing to go extra miles in guiding and supporting me. I even received the same impression from ‘long-timers’ who have served Roche for more than 10 years, still having that same feeling for all those years. I am proud to be part of the Roche family and its culture and I would like continue to convey this pride to new joiners as well as current colleagues. I also feel the appreciation from the Roche Leadership Teams I work with. For being honest, open-minded and supportive in allowing us to deliver quality services. As such we can continue to serve the wider Roche community with Integrity, Courage and Passion.

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