Meet Bryan, Business Intelligence IT Delivery Manager


Tell us about yourself!

I was born in Pasir Panjang, Malaysia. Pasir Panjang is a small town located in Port Dickson, about 100km away from the capital, Kuala Lumpur. I am married and have 2 kids. I enjoy spending every moment with them. During my free time, I enjoy running, cycling and scuba diving.

I started my career as a software engineer and held various positions within different industries prior to joining Roche. My current role in Roche APAC SSC, KL is Business Intelligence (BI) IT Delivery Manager and my role is to support BI Operations for APAC region. This is a new chapter of my career and definitely a very exciting one.

How are you contributing through your work at Roche to help patients that suffer from a disease? How does working on technology help you improve the lives of patients?

Technology plays a very important part in Roche; from new drug discovery, manufacturing, sales and marketing to customer analytics. Technology helps to automate daily manual work, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Important data can be easily stored and retrieved with the help of technology. Roche data warehouse allows data to be harvested and presented in meaningful way which enable management to make important decisions.

What is the most challenging part of your job or about working at Roche in general?

Roche is a huge organization and have offices all around the world. We are required to work in various global projects with our colleagues all over the world. They come with different culture and background. It can be challenging at times to get to know and work with them, nevertheless this makes it more interesting to work in Roche.

What are the positive challenges your jobs offers you?

Roche has a very good and well organize data warehouse framework which is great. Shanghai BI team has delivered very good project to our end user and received positive feedback. My first mission is to ensure smooth transition of operational support to APAC SSC. I have to ensure that our BI support team is capable of delivering the same standard if not higher. Subsequently, we would also work on change request and aim to deliver them with high quality.

Have you seen the result of you work reflected in helping patients?

Business intelligence tools generate very important data for management to make important decision. My role is to ensure that all data are accurate and of good quality. This will enable the management  to make the right decision, produce better drugs and reach out to more patients.

Roche is a great place to work because it is a huge organization which provides a lot of opportunity for career advancement. The setup of APAC SSC is impressive and working environment is great. I strongly believe this is a great place for me to build my career as it provides me with ample of opportunities. I am sure I would have a great time ahead in Roche.

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