Awards - Maala

Maala – an NGO promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel held on June 10th,2014 the first national "Social Responsibility Day" in Israel. This was a first among what will become a traditional event.

The "Social Responsibility Day" aims to raise awareness and exposure to Corporate Social Responsibility amongst Israeli business- large medium and small, workers and the general public.

According to Momo Mahadav, Maala's CEO: "Israeli Business contribute socially to the environment they operate within, they have the power to lead a positive change beyond their operations by: employing workers from underserved populations such as :Israeli-Arabs, ultraorthodox, people with disabilities, protecting the environment, investing in communities, improving working conditions and developing their workforce".

The social and environmental investment of businesses has been growing steadily for the past 10 years in Israel and globally. The "Social Responsibility Day" which will was held for the first time this year, will lay the ground for a yearly tradition to come.

The "Social Responsibility Day" included the publication of results of the Maala 2014 CSR Index and Special Diversity in Business Awards.

Maala's 2014 index consists of 77 companies, an overall turnover of NIS 323.5 billion. The aggregated number of workers of all participating companies is 202,000 which constitute 10% of Israel's total no. of workers in the business sector.

(Maala's 2014 index refers to the financial data released in 2013)

The index focuses on 6 main aspects that strengthen the positive social and environmental impact of the business sector:

  1. Investing in workers
  2. Diversifying the workforce
  3. Responsible Procurement
  4. Community Investment
  5. Environmental Management
  6. Increasing Transparency

About Maala:

Maala is a non-profit membership organization, comprised of 110 large companies, founded to promote the concepts of corporate citizenship and sustainability in Israel.

Through its regular contact with these companies, Maala promotes a process of implementation and application of "corporate social responsibility" through knowledge dissemination which strives to give companies a thorough understanding of CSR.

About The Index:

Every year‪, Maala ranks dozens of companies according to their commitment to CSR principles‪. Maala's index provides large companies with the tools to both manage and implement corporate social responsibility. The index provides a yearly ranking, along with the ability to map gaps and set goals for improving CSR vis-a-vis Israeli standards. The index was launched in 2003, and was broadened in 2006. The index criteria are decided upon by an independent public committee, comprised of experts, academics, and heads of social and environmental organizations and representatives of the business sector. ‬‬‬‬‬‬

Participation in the index is voluntary‪, and requires its participants to submit their company csr data‪. Approximately 25‪% of the 350 largest companies in Israel participate in the rankings ‪(a percentage similar to foreign markets). ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

A computerized‪ model grades the companies in an absolute manner of yes/no questions, or builds a comparative grading system in accordance with the performance of all the companies vis-a-vis that specific question. For example, when measuring the percentage of women in management positions, the company with the highest rate of women in management positions will set the bar. Thus, a company's grade will go down as the percentage of women in management positions decreases.  ‬‬‬

The target audience of the rankings are the largest companies‪ in Israel. These are corporations that employ thousands of workers‪, produce a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. This reality makes the advancement of change evermore complex. This, in essence, is the aim of the rankings: to translate the public's expectations for responsible management (both social and environmental) of the largest companies in the market into understandable, manageable and measurable parameters. We believe that participating in Maala's index improves the business' management process over time, providing it with an important management tool for continual improvement in its social and environmental initiatives.‬‬‬‬‬‬

Data submitted by participating companies is analyzed by Greeneye, the Israeli representative of EIRIS, in consultation with S&P Maalot, based on models developed by McKinsey Israel and external assurance by Ernst & Young.