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At Roche, sustainability is an integral part of our mission. We create solutions to build and strengthen healthcare systems, by making sure our medicines are available, affordable and accessible in Indonesia. On top of that, Roche Indonesia also contributes in creating awareness of diseases, early detection and treatment options to reflect our purpose statement of “Doing now what patients need next”.

In Indonesia, Roche has three divisions, i.e. Roche Pharmaceuticals, Roche Diagnostics and Roche Diabetes Care. We have been continuously partnering with a broad range of stakeholders to expand access to innovative healthcare solutions and to position Roche as a responsible partner for the government and NGOs to improve healthcare in the country.

Roche Pharmaceuticals focuses on unmet medical needs for main therapeutic areas, i.e. oncology, virology, metabolic disorder, inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and central nervous system. In 2012, Roche Pharmaceuticals started a significant expansion as part of its strategy and commitment to Indonesia. This endeavor combined with our differentiate products and motivated employees, resulted in more than 4 times faster growth compared to other multinational pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia in 2014.

Our Diagnostic division offers the industry’s broadest range of diagnostic tests.

Our pioneering technologies can detect risk of disease, give an accurate diagnosis, predict how disease may progress, and even help prevent disease. We enable the right treatment decision to be made at the first opportunity. To help patients be in control of their chronic conditions, we enable them and their physicians to monitor their treatment. By building successful partnerships with laboratories, we provide the fast and reliable results needed for life-changing decisions.

Roche Diabetes Care is strongly committed to further enhance diabetes care structures to reduce the serious consequences diabetes has on health and economies. We offers personalized and integrated diabetes management solutions that encompass blood glucose monitoring, data management and insulin delivery, allowing for a personalized and more effective diabetes management resulting in improved medical outcomes.


Our people

There are more than 400 employees in Roche Indonesia and growing. Integrity, Courage and Passion are the values that guide our daily behaviors and decisions.

Our employees are enthusiastic experienced professionals who heavily contribute to healthcare solutions to improve patients’ lives. They are our key factors for success. We foster an open-minded culture by giving our employees the chance to share their ideas and make their marks, and by providing an environment where they can be recognized for their achievements. We strongly believe in the merits of diversity and encourage our employees to respectively collaborate across different functions, which nourish us both professionally and personally.

Who we are looking for

Roche is a leader in research-focused healthcare whose success relies on innovation, curiosity and diversity. We are looking for passionate candidates with willingness to learn and develop their career and more importantly to create a difference in patients’ life, both locally and globally. Our job vacancies are not only for Medical and Pharmaceutical background, but also for a variety of different positions in Sales, Marketing, Corporate Affairs and Access, Finance, IT, Compliance, Analytics, Supply Chain and Human Resources.    

If you are ready to make your mark across functions and geographies, then Roche is the right place for you. Get yourself in our talent pool right away!


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