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Roche Pharma Indonesia recently opened the first batch of internship program in June 2016 for university students to get their hands on real world work experience. This 2 months internship program was participated by Adinda Esterlita (Legal Divison), Sharfina Ghaisani Imana (Medical Information – Medical Division) and Nadya Maulina (Marketing – Oncology Division) pictured above from left to right. Our HR team had the chance to have chat with them on their last day of the program, and here’s what they have to say about Roche.

Through the questionnaire, all three interns strongly agreed with the statements below:

  • The tasks assigned to them during the internship were valuable for them, and had direct contribution for the organization
  • The program helped them to clarify their career interest and professional development
  • Their mentors gave them clear directions and guidance in helping them complete their daily tasks
  • Roche provided an ideal social environment and working culture to help them complete their tasks
  • The facilities at Roche (workstation, computers, internet, printer, pantry, toilets, etc) were convenient
  • They will recommend the internship program in Roche to their colleagues and peers

What did you like most about the internship program? 

Adinda: I learnt a lot about Roche guidelines and laws of pharmaceutical company, the tasks were varied and sharpened my curiosity. My mentor always took her time to explain ‘what, why and how’ in helping me to finish my tasks well.

Sharfina: I was able to join journal club that allowed to me study a lot about the diseases and drugs development. It really helped me to learn more about medical.

Nadya: I was involved in many projects, especially in marketing events which gave me a clear picture on the responsibility of the marketing team. And also, the employees were friendly, and I will never forget that.

Would you consider working at Roche in the future? 

Adinda: I would really like to join working at Roche someday as Roche is very concerned about their employees.

Sharfina: I would like to work at Roche in the future, because Roche has a good social environment and working culture.

Nadya: Yes, I would like to work at Roche in the future.

Internship Testimonials

“This internship program was an opportunity for me to develop my skills through various tasks which were entrusted to me, and gave me the opportunity to test my capacities in the organization and teamwork. I really enjoyed working with Roche employees, their teaching, patience, suggestions, recommendations and availability have been very valuable and helped me learn quickly. Thanks to Roche for giving me this great opportunity.” – Adinda

“The internship program at Roche was a worthwhile learning experience. It helped to get a better understanding on how working as a medical information feels like. Roche has a good social environment and working culture. I have gained a lot of knowledge and also got the privilege to meet new people that are kind. Overall, I’ve learned many valuable lessons throughout my internship and I thank Roche for this opportunity.” - Sharfina

“The internship program gave me a clear picture on the real word work experience. Everyone at Roche was very welcome, especially from the Oncology division. They are always there to give help when I needed them in finishing the projects assigned to me. I also had a very good mentor that was very nice and gave clear directions. I feel very glad to be able to be involved in the projects and marketing events, which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot. It is truly a memorable experience being part of Roche”. - Nadya

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