Meet Pankaj Vishwakarma, Product Manager at Roche Diagnostics India


How long have you been working for Roche?

Over seven years.

Why do you choose to stay working at Roche?

Premium Product range to support, sound working environment, and excellent developmental opportunities.

What message do you have for people who are thinking of applying to Roche?

If your competition is with yourself, and you want to beat your own best, come join us. We get the best out of you.

Do you feel working at Roche enables you to contribute to improving peoples’ lives? If so, how?

The greatest obstacle to controlling many diseases in the developing countries like us is lack of accurate and appropriate diagnostic tests, which can help the treatment to begin quickly. By providing our quality products and services, we potentially save millions of lives every year.

How do you know Roche values you as an employee?

At Roche, we have always encouraged people to express themselves openly. Continuous developmental feedback and training is another part.

What are the three top things Roche meets on your list of “must haves” as a company?

  • Training and development programs
  • Communication and Openness without any barriers
  • Effective Leadership

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