Meet Chandraprabha Gupta, Product Manager at Roche Diagnostics India


What is your role with Roche?

I am working as the Product Manager for the HCP & Hospital segment. I am responsible for Blood Glucose Monitoring promotion in Hospitals, HCP recommendations through various conversion initiatives and to support Insulin Delivery systems. I also manage the Roche-Novo Nordisk Strategic collaboration for India.

What message do you have for people who are thinking of applying to Roche?

Roche Diagnostics India is a wonderful company to be associated with as it provides opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. Roche provides a competitive yet healthy environment to each employee who is eager to learn and grow.

Do you feel working at Roche enables you to contribute to improving peoples’ lives? If so, how?

Yes, absolutely! The idea of improving people’s lives who suffer with Diabetes and its complications is very satisfying and motivating. At Roche, we believe in Personalized Healthcare and this is the basis of Roche Diabetes Care. We not only provide Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems to people with Diabetes but we offer support and solutions to them to adhere to regular monitoring, which ultimately helps achieving the comprehensive management of Diabetes.

What does the future hold for you at Roche?

With the kind of different products and solutions we offer to the patient, I foresee several good opportunities with the organization. The continuous innovation in the existing and new products adds freshness to the offerings for customers, which results in growth of the organization and employees.

How do you know Roche values you as an employee?

Roche gives each individual his/ her share of exposure which motivates people to grow further. The different skill-development activities/ training imparted by the company further nurtures employees in the long run, making them invaluable talent.

What are the top things Roche meets on your list of “must haves” as a company?

  • Empowering individuals with newer responsibilities
  • Market leader focused on Innovation

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