Meet Abhishek Mondal, Assistant Consultant – Application at Roche Diagnostics India


What is your role with Roche?

My primary responsibility is to provide support for our customers during any application or software related issues. Apart from that I do train new customers on handling the Roche instruments and provide time to time important updates regarding our products to them as well as our existing users.

Why did you choose to join Roche India?

Roche is always considered to be a market leader in Diagnostics as well as Research industry. I had been hearing a lot about Roche during my Post-graduation and it was my dream company. When I got an interview call from Roche, it was like a dream coming true and there was no second thoughts about grabbing the opportunity.

Do you feel working at Roche enables you to contribute to improving peoples’ lives? If so, how?

Of course yes. I do suggest the latest techniques introduced by Roche for monitoring of certain cases which otherwise go undiagnosed. In a nutshell, I do find myself somehow responsible as a Roche employee to provide a better and healthy living to all people who are benefited by our products.

How do you know Roche values you as an employee?

Rewards must not always be grand to be recognized. It can even be a small pat on the back to boost the confidence and keep things going. In my one year with Roche, I have received many such acknowledgements every time I deserved one.

What are the three top things Roche meets on your list of “must haves” as a company?

  • Transparency
  • Work culture
  • Recruitment process

What message do you have for graduates who are thinking of applying to Roche?

All I want to say is a gradual but huge transformation is required in a student to be a professional. This I have experienced with Roche during my traineeship. As an Employer, Roche provides enough guidance and opportunity to establish someone as a professional.

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