Everyone has a can-do attitude. It’s what makes working here easy.

The road that brought Shibir Desai to his current role at Roche began in college, where he was majoring in biomedical engineering. But it wasn’t a class rooted in hard sciences that sparked a future career interest. It was a course on regulations – the rules and guidelines companies need to follow to bring groundbreaking products to market.


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Why the Woman of the year works at Roche.

I have always been focused on solving the puzzles related to Alzheimer’s disease and other psychiatric diseases. I am a medical doctor with expertise in clinical pathology, neuroscience, and psychiatric disorders. Currently, I work as a Global Medical Leader for Alzheimer’s disease Partnerships between Roche Pharma and Roche Diagnostics.


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Meet Therese - The Patients Advocate

Already on my first day as Patient Relations Partner, I became completely blown away by the level of strength, compassion and hard work that forms the foundation of the patient advocacy groups. The majority of the people in these groups are doing unpaid voluntary work, mainly motivated by altruism. “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to others” is extremely powerful to witness.


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My Journey to Computational Biology & Roche Sequencing

"Every day I am honored to have the opportunity to help make sense of data, for the sake of understanding the science and more so to enable better informed decisions. It has been a privilege to work with a talented team across global sites and different functions to develop NGS-based diagnostic products and demonstrate their medical value through clinical projects on real patient samples."


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