Want to apply the skills you've learned in the classroom to the real-world?

At Roche Pharma India, you will find Internships that will provide you the opportunity to gain hands on work experience that you just can’t get in the classroom. We believe that it is not just the extra sets of hands that make interns advantageous for us. We are looking for new people who bring with them novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths and skill sets. Our internship program aims at providing concrete learning experience, developing skills, helping students to make connections, thus, strengthening your resumes. We are committed to give world class exposure to students who intern at Roche and make them ready for the corporate world.

Fair Internship: Our Conviction

Professional Orientation

Internships at Roche offer the possibility of getting to know the company, gather practical experience, develop personal capabilities and build a personal network. We give our interns regular tasks in the projects and departments they are involved in without taking away any full-time positions.

Target Group

At Roche, only college/university post graduate students can do an internship. As business school-leavers have completed their studies, they already have the necessary requirements to apply for entry-level positions.


Internships at Roche normally start with an introductory event and assigning of projects. In addition, interns in a team have a specific contact person/guide who is available to answer questions and give feedback on work performed.

Fair Pay

Students receive a set, fair stipend for services rendered.

Intern Testimonials

Abhilash SC (HR Intern 2014)

"My internship experience was enriching in terms of both personal and professional learning's. For instance, I was given complete autonomy and freedom to do whatever necessary to make my project a successful one. There was always an emphasis from Hina and Alvin to focus on my learning's from the project.

Besides my project, I had an opportunity to interact with leadership team in Roche and got a chance to understand a little about how Roche works.

I was also privileged to interact on various topics with Umesh. I will remember his experience with IIM Indore graduates. I must say that I had fun working in Roche during summer internship.

The best part of it was when they launched one of my project deliverable across Roche Pharma India. This shows how much importance they give to our work. Hina, my mentor, was always sharing her industry learning's with me whenever we had an opportunity.

In short, I will always cherish my summer internship at Roche. I wish you guys the best :)"

Anurag Upadhyay (ACE Intern 2014)

"Two months of summer internship at Roche was incredibly enriching and a great learning experience for me. I was asked to provide suggestions and recommendations about a real world live problem faced by one the brands. Working in pharma sector might be a daunting task for some of us because of the bit of technicality involved. But here at Roche, people are very helpful and eager to guide and it makes the work at hand very easy. My mentor had given me guided independence where I had the freedom to pour in my thoughts and ideas and at the same time I was restricted to not get lost in the magnanimity.

The project helped me to apply the concepts and ideas learned during the first year and also helped me to understand the practical aspects of the problem. At the end of two months, my recommendations were very well accepted by the senior management and I was assured that they will work around the recommendations. I believe that for a student there can be no better appreciation than the acceptance of his ideas. Two months at Roche were filled with fun, enjoyment and learning."

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