Career Development

At Roche, we want to become equal partners in shaping the future direction of your career. We desire that you gain new skills and become more versatile and valuable to Roche. We understand your needs of finding out not just meaningful jobs and tasks, but also meaningful careers and career goals. Therefore, Roche has devised career development processes, resources, and tools through which you can drive your own development process.

At Roche, everyone has the opportunity for professional development. Employee development is one of the most important ways Roche engages with its employees and retains talent. To put it simply, ensuring the development and sustainability of our single largest investment - our employees – ensures our success.

Roche is a place where we are learning every day, building our careers and pursuing our passions and career opportunities include a wide-range of activities, experiences and roles that promote meaningful learning and growth.

Roche Development Academy

Roche Development Academy has development programs based on the framework of Roche Values, Leadership Commitments and Core Competencies. It is designed on the fundamental platform of Reflection, Realization and Action. We believe in exposing you to different jobs or assign new tasks/projects to enhance learnings. By moving you through a variety of positions within departments or teams, we provide you ways to broaden your skill sets and enhance your experience bank.

We believe that every Roche employee deserves a great leader, someone who inspires and engages the team with every interaction and who provides his or her employees with opportunities to discover, learn, develop and contribute continuously.

Experiential Learning

At Roche it is our endeavor to provide our employees exposure to diverse responsibilities and hence we encourage job rotation through cross functional moves or moves within one’s own department/function. Cross functional moves help in the overall multifaceted development of an individual contributing in the development of multi skilled leaders.

Continuous Development

Development is a continuous process and imbibing knowledge is perennial. We ensure that we provide adequate opportunities to our employees to ensure they have the opportunities to learn newer concepts and imbibe new skill sets through ongoing education programs. This is the only way with which we can offer long term careers to our employees and facilitate the retention of talent in the organization.

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