Balancing Work Life

At Roche, we aim to attract and retain high caliber individuals, reward performance and encourage commitment and motivation. You will find that we have not only adopted a number of employee friendly policies but we also believe in providing an environment that is diverse and gender balanced.


Roche wants its employees to accomplish most, feel fresh, and enjoy working. Through its Flexi timing policy, Roche allows its employees to meet family needs, personal obligations, and life responsibilities conveniently. Our image of having family friendly flexible work schedules, has allowed us to be the employer of choice.

Employee friendly policies

Whether your family responsibilities involve children, an ill spouse or your own health, Roche wants policies that make it easier to balance work and family and make your life more manageable. This is why we have adopted a number of employee friendly policies that not only keep stress under check but also ensures you work in a relaxed and positive environment.

Diversity and women friendly policies

Roche encourages women to forge ahead in their careers. Our aim is not only to attract more women but devise policies to retain them for long term careers. Roche aims to create gender-balanced leadership team. We have created an environment where women feel comfortable in voicing their opinion and participate in the progress of the company.

We also place high value on our talented and diverse workforce. We encourage a team that offers diverse perspectives and opinions and inspires you to share your own.

Fun @ Work

At Roche, the words "work" and "fun" are not contrary. We believe in having fun at work. We understand that the happier you feel by what you are doing, the more fun you will have in doing it. We believe in creating an atmosphere that is challenging, creative and fun for all and which provides a stimulating environment, where you can enjoy your time at work and also excel at work.

For more details about the way Roche keeps work life balance in focus, please visit the Safety, health and wellbeing site.

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