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In Roche Hong Kong & Macau, I am the senior business development manager and I lead the marketing team for established and flu products. My aim has always been about putting patients need at the forefront. Hence, working collaboratively across teams to deliver impactful marketing strategies and tactics plays a huge role in bringing value to our customers.

Exploring something new keeps me refreshed and energized; creativity and innovation are my everyday power. This is important in particular, for marketing Established Products which are no longer strategic product and faces generic competition. I manage these products with tight resources but still manage to have good sales growth, year over year. Roche has many groundbreaking products on various therapeutic areas and I am passionate into turning them into more meaningful solutions to healthcare professionals and patients. Recently, I launched a breakthrough medicine for flu in Hong Kong. I didn’t just help combating the seasonal flu but at the same time, I potentially saved many lives of high risk patients and eased the burden of public health. 

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
Helen Keller

Our impact

As a member of the design team for Roche HK & Macau transformation, I can now be a part of making a change in how we work together as one Roche which will lead us towards our North Star.

Prior to transformation, we have been working in silos which lead to many different priorities and focuses. However, post transformation, I foresee and am confident that this will change. Having a common goal is important and our design teams are looking at better ways to ensure our new structure and new ways of working will align us to work towards this. My current role is likely to evolve after transformation which opens up new opportunities for me. There will be different chapters and squads as well as various development opportunities with the new ways of work. We are encouraged to move across functions and I already see how I can develop and broaden my expertise to the next level. I believe this will help my openness to accept new ideas and change to a more entrepreneurial mindset.

The place to Work

Roche offers a place for employees to contribute to a meaningful purpose. It provides much passion for me to help patients. I feel proud of being part of the Roche family, especially the opportunity to work and co-create our future together that could truly bring value to patients. 

When something is changing, it also means opportunity is waiting for me. I have experienced an extensive range of work environments and these diverse experiences have taught me that the type of work environment I’m in directly impacts both my private and professional life. When I am considering a company to work for, I want to know about the purpose and culture, the opportunities for upward mobility, and the training made available for me. With that, I must say Roche provides me with that and is the best fix for me!

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