Respecting Science And Pursuing Top Medicine

Tell us a bit about yourself

I became an assistant researcher for in-vitro physicochemical property after I got my master’s degree in 2008. As the research center developed, my job has shifted to preclinical in-vivo safety assessment over the past 5 years. I am engaged in preclinical safety assessment for the selection of candidate compounds, which might become marketed drugs in the future.

Why did you decide to join Roche and why at this location?

Roche, as one of the top 10 world pharmaceutical enterprises, provides a big stage for researchers. You may excel in one “dance”, but you would enjoy gorgeous performances of diversified “dances” by your versatile colleagues. It is years of interdisciplinary collaboration that makes it possible for candidate drugs to go through papers to patients. Being able to participate in this process is a dream for most scientists; and Roche helps us to realize it.

How would you describe Roche as an employer?

One hundred percent of dedication to integrity in work prevails in R&D. It is essential for research and development of new innovative drugs, as a member of Roche R&D; I am so proud and confident to say that we have made it.

We have also support from the management for the individual development of junior scientists. What they receive is not merely meeting minutes, but real opportunities: academic conferences and communication, learning of new technology, communication with scientists from Switzerland and training at headquarters in Switzerland.

To help patients find most effective and safe medicine, Roche has animal experiments before clinical assessment and go public. We show considerable concern on animal welfare. Roche has improved our experimental methods and designs, significantly reduced the number of animals used in experiments, and relieved suffering of animals during test procedures, thus indeed practising the “3R” (Replace, Reduce, Refine) principle in animal experiments.

How would you describe the people working here?

Among Roche’s core values, “integrity” is clearly demonstrated in R&D. My colleagues respect science, pursue truth and dedicate themselves fully to their works.

Furthermore, happiness is never absent from Roche R&D! We scientists are calm while processing data in labs, but we are also talented, inspired and interesting people outside the lab!

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

First of all, proficiency in English is a basic requirement in a multinational company. Next, strong professional knowledge, enthusiasm for new technology and knowledge, persistence and passion in R&D are all essential. Finally, having the spirit and courage to communicate and to engage in team work are indispensable.

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