Make Numerous Wonderful Ideas Come True

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Ken, before joining Roche I worked in the IT department of large enterprises and consulting companies and had experience in ERP implementation and project management.

In November 2007, I joined Roche China as delivery service manager, mainly providing various application supports for colleagues in business departments, for example, workflow system, CRM system, intranet and websites of all product brands.

In 2012, I was transferred from the IT department of Roche China to Asia-Pacific and became a business solution analysis expert, responsible for large system selection and implementation.

In October 2013, I applied for the position of CRM solution manager and passed the interview. From then on I have begun to take the team to support the CRM management of all departments.

How are you contributing through your work at Roche to help patients?

The sense of achievement felt by Roche employees, to a large extent, comes from the fact that our products bring patients hope of life. As an employee of non-medicine major, I feel lucky that I can help my colleagues in the market access department find target hospitals more quickly and accurately through software development and that we can benefit more patients with our remedies and prolong their lives through constant improvement of CRM.

All Roche employees are working on “Doing now what patients need next” regardless of the position.

What is the most challenging part of your job or about working at Roche in general?

Working in the IT department, we often have to stay at the forefront of technologies. Roche’s open atmosphere and spirit of actively exploring new things generate numerous wonderful ideas.

In the past two years mobile phones have been more and more widely used in business. With the changes in users’ habits, Roche has begun to develop and upgrade various kinds of software based on the idea of “mobile first” so that all employees can work on the mobile phone. It might not be so difficult for users to move an APP from the laptop to the mobile phone, but in terms of technology there exist various challenges, for example device independence realization, self-adaption of difference devices and data synchronization between online and offline which require us maximum user experience within limited resources.

Roche’s pursuit of innovation makes high requirements for our technical competence. Staying at the forefront of the industry means we have no experience to borrow from or refer to and that we have to study and make explorations all by ourselves. Fortunately we can always win support from all sides to provide the soil and nutrients for innovation, which I have been deeply impressed by and had never felt in other companies.

Please complete the following sentence:

Roche is a great place to work because innovative.

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