All For Access, Access For All

Tell us a bit about yourself

I joined Roche in 2013, in charge of market access in East China, Corporate Affairs & Market Access & Channel Division (CAMAC). All for access, Access for all, this is the slogan of CAMAC cycle. This slogan does not only belong to Roche CAMAC, but is also inextricably bound to thousands of cancer patients, and even related to you and me.

What can you tell us about that location as a work environment?

Roche China is always committed to people oriented in internal management, and has been awarded “The Best Employer” for many years.

The company provides broader career development space for employees, establishes perfect domestic and international work shift mechanism, and encourages staff to transfer internally to search for career development possibilities in different directions. The company provides employees and their family members’ good medical insurance and related welfare. The company’s different management level all take the tradition to provide suffering employees and their family members with humanistic care and solve their actual difficulties. Roche is like a big family ready to provide employees with care!

Why did you decide to join Roche and why at this location?

Roche is the leading company in tumor targeted field, which has the sense of social responsibility, owns excellent products, strong technology R&D ability and has the courage to make continuous innovation in different fields.

What is your current position at Roche?

I’m in charge of market access in East China, Market Access. After Jiangsu Province launched the negotiation of products outside catalogue in 2013, Roche gave active response and quickly made related strategy, gave play to the advantage of big CAMAC that Market Access took the lead.

Market Access Strategy provided pharmacoeconomics support, Commercial Channels managed drug stores all over the province, and finally we got the Herceptin negotiation, bringing the hope of life to hundreds of patients that couldn’t use required medicine due to financial burden.

I feel very meaningful to work in this department, and in my boss’s words, we are accumulating virtue to bringing the hope of life to those patients that couldn’t use required medicine due to financial burden.

What would you advise job seekers who want to join us?

Roche is a company that you may stay in a long time. Make the career plan seriously, and be bold to explore the unknown field and be responsible. Balance work and family, and only doing the right thing at the right time can you walk higher and further. Keep continuous study that may be new product knowledge, a new skill or a foreign language to make you benefit more.

How is your job connected to “doing now what patients need next”

Roche is the only company in this field that integrates hospital market access with supporting departments like Commercial Channel Management, Market Access, Market Access Strategy, Patient Aid into a big department. The benefit lies in being able to make decisions immediately, and integrate all company resource to expand products’ market access, so as to doing now what patients need next.

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