Foresee our better future with Roche

It’s never too soon to start making your mark. Are you ready to add practical experience to your course of study? An internship at Roche can be the perfect place to find out how your discipline looks in action. It’s also a chance to show what you’re made of as you start to make a personal contribution to advancing healthcare! Even as an intern, you’ll participate in the important work that helps to change patient’s lives all over the world. 

If you’re ready to put your studies in action, then we invite you to experience Roche — an environment where new and unconventional ideas are guaranteed to find fertile ground.

Campus Recruitment is a crucial part in Roche people development. Every year, we open various positions in different departments national-wide, offering opportunities for students to join Top 500 and enhance competitive ability. Outstanding performers have opportunities to join Roche and work with global teams side by side. 

Roche Diagnostics YOUNG Program

Roche Diagnostics YOUNG Program is customized for the reserve force from all kinds of universities and colleges. Through precise campus recruitment, the program has attracted nearly 200 senior and first-year graduate students to join internship in Roche since 2011.  By the internship from six months to one year, the elite in universities and colleges make deep experience and become the new blood for the company.

Roche Diagnostics intern training

In the light of the gist of foreseeing the furture with young talents, Roche provides dual-core training and offers them opportunities to understand Roche better. They can get wide trainings such as general skills, professional skills, corporate culture and etc. On the other hand, they can put the professional knowledge into practice under the specific metoring from daily work. With the training and practice, they will get a better understanding of career and company before graduation. By 2016, Roche Diagnostics China has successfully run YOUNG Programs for 6 times with more than 40 students eventually join Roche as their career begin.

Foresee our better future with Roche